Episode 3: "A Precious Commodity"

By ElisaDiaz

Oct 14, 2013

I was starting to believe that Alicia would not leave the firm after the recent events. And in this episode, they actually offered her a managing partner position to replace Diane!! Then I thought, this is done, she's not leaving. But it seems Cary convinced her that Will just wants somebody that he can manipulate. What do you think? What made the difference for Alicia to decide? Would you stay or leave? The other firm, full of youngsters, doesn't look very appealing neither, does it?

Oh, but in any case, i do hope they leave soon. Because I am a little too stressed about this plot now. And also about David Lee. I like the character, but lately I just find it is too much of him. He's very intense. What do you think?

And now Kalinda knows that Alicia is leaving... she didn't know that before? It seems their relationship is totally frozen on Alicia's side, but not in Kalinda's.

The case of the week was interesting, in my opinion, and very complex. There are some ethical issues that are not so easy to resolve for me, and this is one of them. The relationship between the parts made it more compelling and dramatic. And I wish David Lee would not have been in the middle with the whole suing the hospital thing.

I believe Noel is on vacation and we will not have a review. Or maybe he will write one and he's just late. Or maybe there will be no more reviews, I have no idea. I'm opening this discussion thread in case there are some people out there that, like me, want to discuss this episode.
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  • MarlboroMagpi Oct 20, 2013

    And yes ! This is the best show on network TV ! Scandal is a close second.

  • MarlboroMagpi Oct 20, 2013


    I am happy Alicia is leaving but from the previews we had of the season, this is a foregone conclusion. There was a confrontation between Will and Alicia where Will push away all the stuff on Alicia's table. He knows Alicia had betrayal her ! Will had always been very calm especially in their affair. Though we all know you don't want to cross Will, he can get very nasty too just like in this episode.

  • hurtlocker10 Oct 15, 2013

    Fair play to Diane! She conducted herself very nicely!

    Diane: "I put my life into this place, my whole life".
    Will: "And it's appreciated".
    Diane: "No it's not. Not with ghouls like that shoving me out the door"
    Will: "Well, I can't negotiate appreciation"
    Diane: "That's right. That's why you better do it with money".

    Also enjoyed Alicia destroying that guy at the door. "Express elevator is right behind you, turn around" - so good and that comment on the political daughters website, "tasty biscuit" LOL! WTF!

    Another great episode, shame there's no review. This show doesn't get nearly enough attention and besides, who goes on holiday in the winter when TV's this good? One more quote:

    "If Men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament"! LOL

    Good wife <3

  • ElisaDiaz Oct 15, 2013

    Yes, it is an excellent show - I think it doesn't get enough attention because it is a procedural (case of the week style) and people prefer to review more serialized shows. Or maybe it is because it is heavily based on female characters, I don't know. But this is truly one of the best shows at the moment. I hope that we will have a review next week! I read that he was on vacation in the Arrow review, but I don't know anything else.

  • MarlboroMagpi Oct 20, 2013

    I would say TGW is a very serialized show. So much so that it would be a bit difficult for new viewers to go directly into it. There is always progression in the relationship between the major players. There is a case of a week but it is always the ongoing story that draw fans back. The guest stars in those case of the week are usually fantastic making it even more interesting show. These guest stars often comes back and making it more realistic world.

    I guess if you are a fan of TGW, you would know all that so I am writing here for others to read.

    I thought I manage to convince Noel to write weekly review after he replied in the comments section of his pilot review but alas, it lasted only 2 episodes. We can keep coming back here to discuss future episodes.

  • ElisaDiaz Oct 20, 2013

    My father watches TGW from time to time in episodes that are not correlated and he has not seen everything - he says it doesn't matter if you don't follow the serialized part, he gets enough and he enjoys the cases of the episode that, generally, get solved during the episode. So it seems totally possible to watch just for the procedural part. I think we hardcore fans that have seen every episode cannot perceive it in the same way, but this is just one of the ways to enjoy this show. And another reason to give it points for quality.

    I cross fingers for a review from Noel for tonights episode!

  • hurtlocker10 Oct 16, 2013

    This comment has been removed.

  • ElisaDiaz Oct 16, 2013

    yes, it is probably true that the name doesn't help :) but the female characters don't help much neither, I think, because people tend to watch tv in family, so the guys have to be in for the show as well. And unfortunately, we females are more patient with those things that male usually are (we do watch this show at my home, though, so it's just me trying to find an explanation!).

    and yes, it is important that we keep it alive here at the community, so that we get a chance to get it reviewed!

  • ludoTV Oct 15, 2013

    Hey Elisa - nice that you reviewed TGW! I thought it was a very effective episode if TGW is trying to make us all as anxious as Alicia is. She keeps finding herself in situations where her legal obligations as a L&G;'s partner conflict with her interests as a future partner at Florrick, Agos & Associates... I find riveting to watch and this last ep just upped it a notch with the Will vs. Dianne dilemma. I don't think Alicia will get a choice to actually stay at L&G; but she'll be 'outed' in the most dramatic over the top way... You know, cause this is TGW...

    Kalinda is in a bit of a tough spot knowing that Alicia is leaving in addition to the associates... Not just because how that will damage the firm but Kalinda is also a friend (as much as anyone is a friend at L&G;) to Will so not telling him about Alicia's departure is a bit of a betrayal to him...

    Peter seems to be a pretty decent politician, making the right choices, in spite of 'perception' issues... His apparent weakness, the temptation of the flesh in the form of sultry but bookish "was-too-busy-at-Law-School-to-know-who-Dan-Brown-is" Marilyn... TGW is such a tease... Marilyn spells trouble but not necessarily because of a Peter-Marilyn hook up...

    The case of the week was classic TGW fare, heightened emotions, moral and political principles at war and no obvious good guy/bad guy... Well except maybe the middling David Lee always looking for a chance to make some bucks. Such an a-hole! But this season he may become indispensable to the firm if Will loses Dianne and Alicia. For all his lack of moral compass, Lee runs the most profitable division at L&G.;

  • WSeagul Oct 14, 2013

    I think Alicia decided to leave after witnessing the last exchange between Will and Diane. Will is being an ass!! What Diane did was bad, but Will is out of line pushing Diane out like this. I think Alicia's decision reflects the realization of what it would be like to work with Will, someone who does this to his (5 minutes ago) trusted partner, they are not JUST business partners like Will pointed out they are friends, and good ones too...

    Peter is sooooo gonna sleep with the ethical vixen! ahahahahahah what a horn dog!

    Alicia is soooo going to get sued by Gardner&Associates; ahahahahaha I mean, what is she doing?? It has to happen, otherwise it's just ridiculous... As a partner she cannot lie about living with the 4th years, and she did!

    Didn't care too much about the case this week. David gotta be one of the most annoying characters on tv!

    I'm very interested on what's going to happen with the Kalinda-Alicia duo...

  • ludoTV Oct 15, 2013

    I was sad to see the annihilation of the one friendship in this show that has resisted every test for 4 seasons: Will & Dianne. After everything that they have been through, I can see Will feeling betrayed by Dianne's decision to talk openly about his one weak spot and in truth, Dianne talking badly about Will, does not reflect good on the firm. I do wonder if the article will be published in the end...

    About Marilyn & Peter... I am not sure... In the season preview promo there was a blonde hooking up with Will but we could not see her face but it may be Marilyn with him. Though that would not exclude her doing Peter too I guess

  • ElisaDiaz Oct 15, 2013

    yeah, that thing with the ethics lady smells like trouble altogether :)

    I wonder if Kalinda would leave at the end, since Alicia is also leaving. She seems to be feeling abandoned, since Cary also passed on her in favor of the other investigator lady.

  • RobinRyschlic Oct 15, 2013

    I was also surprised that Kalinda was touched by Alicia's exit. I guess she still feels sorry and has a hard time moving on from their friendship. And to be fair, it was Kalinda's choice to put money over family, so it's not Carry fault for choosing Robin.

  • ElisaDiaz Oct 15, 2013

    About Cary, I actually think she was playing with different amounts when asking Cary and Will about how much they would accept. I mean much lower amounts for Cary. But she still wants to be perceived as a person that is in this for the money, and that has a price. People now believe it that way and she is being left behind. I wonder if this fact will change her for the better or for the worse.

  • MandySCG Oct 14, 2013

    I totally agree about being stressed over this plot! Everything is so chaotic, and I don't like that so much. I kind of wish Alicia would stay on with Will, and that everything settles down a little.

    If it weren't for Eli, I wouldn't care about what's happening with Peter at all. They need to figure out how to get Eli back at the law firm and out of the governor's office.. but that probably won't happen.

  • ElisaDiaz Oct 14, 2013

    No, probably it is the opposite: they keep Eli at the governor's office so that part of the show stays alive.