How Should We Rename The Good Wife Community? POLL CLOSED

By jessicakroeber

Nov 04, 2013

Now that Alicia has left Lockhart/Gardner, I'd say it's about time to change the name of this community to something fresh!

Poll closes 11/12, so get your vote on now!

Add any other suggestions in the comments & I'll add them to the poll.

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  • jessicakroeber Nov 12, 2013

    The poll is now closed! A Very Nice Suite of Offices is the winner. Thanks to everyone who voted.

  • Taccado Nov 07, 2013

    Many of these name suggestions are just referring to the ongoing feud between the two firms or Alicia's new firm. I wish we pick a name that reflects the show as a whole and lasts in the long-term. Otherwise we'll have to change the name again as soon as the direction of the show changes.

  • jessicakroeber Nov 11, 2013

    We can change the name as many times as we want! But if you have other suggestions, let us know!

  • athenajos Nov 05, 2013

    Florrick/Argos VS Lockhart/Gardner
    Lawyers, Lawyers
    Two firms: only one can survive
    Florrick/Argos & Elsbeth pretty please
    Shit hit the fan & was awesome!
    Stop flirting with my underage daughter you perv!

  • jessicakroeber Nov 06, 2013

    Added some of these to the poll!

  • jessicakroeber Nov 05, 2013

    Awesome suggestions by all! We got enough to create a poll. Vote above!

  • paris_slim Nov 05, 2013

    1. "Cary me Home" (Theme song "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot")
    2. "Will You Still Love Me" (theme song of the same name)
    3. "Judge Diane McVeigh", The Cold Cases

    But seriously, why change? Because it's the worst TV series name for the best TV series? Unbelievable they couldn't find a better name!

  • jessicakroeber Nov 05, 2013

    Added! Vote now :)

  • Grumpyclown Nov 05, 2013

    The New Firm

  • jessicakroeber Nov 05, 2013

    Added to the poll above!

  • ADragonsDream Nov 05, 2013

    Chum humming or Chum hummers

    (although my vote will always go to "A very nice suite of offices")

  • jessicakroeber Nov 05, 2013

    Added your suggestions!

  • theguylafayette Nov 05, 2013

    We All Love Elsbeth

  • jessicakroeber Nov 05, 2013

    Added, and you can now vote on the poll!

  • Taccado Nov 05, 2013

    Law & Disorder.

  • jessicakroeber Nov 05, 2013

    Added! The poll is now open for voting!

  • Madeline35 Nov 04, 2013

    The Good Chaos

  • jessicakroeber Nov 05, 2013

    Added, go vote! :)