The Good Wife's Season 6 Trailer: Make Way for Florrick, Agos & Lockhart! (VIDEO)

By KateStanhope

Sep 04, 2014

The Good Wife is set to begin a new chapter in Season 6, but it doesn't look like everyone is on the same page.

In a new teaser released Wednesday, Alicia (Julianna Margulies) makes her firm's merge with Diane (Christine Baranski) official, replacing Florrick/Agos with Florrick, Agos & Lockhart. However, Cary (Matt Czuchry) seems just as against joining forces with his former boss as he was in the Season 5 finale. "I'm a name partner. You can't decide this without me," he says defiantly. (Have we mentioned how much we love this new take-charge Cary?)

So will Diane's girl Friday and Cary's on-and-off lover Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) be able to change his mind? Maybe not, since she seems to be cozying up to another familiar face in the promo. 

And speaking of cozying up, the new footage also shows Alicia and Finn (Matthew Goode) getting a very friendly after-work drink. Could there be romantic sparks in the air for these two?

Check out the jam-packed trailer below to see for yourself:

The Good Wife returns Sunday, September 21 at 9:30pm on CBS.'s 2014 Fall Preview: 
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  • MarlboroMagpi Sep 05, 2014

    Best show on Network TV !

  • SullenWhirlGirl Sep 05, 2014

    For REAL Matthew Goode is coming back!!!! ZOMG!!! Honestly considering that there are only a small handful of new shows that looks decent this season, it awesome that all my favorites are stepping it up!

  • MorbidPet Sep 04, 2014

    The extended promo is way better, it has Sophia in it. Yay for Kalinda :)

  • MandySCG Sep 04, 2014

    Well, I'm really glad Diane is definitely joining Florrick/Agos. It might make Cary mad, but they need her and the money she brings. Can't wait for the season to start. I hope they give the old firm hell.

  • JT_Kirk Sep 04, 2014

    One thing in that video makes me think this is the end of the series... "After Madam Secretary" - this is going to kill an already weak Sunday night schedule.

  • kanniballl Sep 04, 2014

    I can't blame Cary.

    He had a vision for how he wanted THIS firm to function and Alicia SEEMED to accept it.

    • Equal partners, no power plays
    • Less politics, more results.
    • The lowbies have a say in how the firm is run, nobody is ignored or mistreated (like he feels he was at L&G;).
    • Cut off ties completely from L&G;, he did not like how they ran things
    And here they are: Alicia is pushing for the change against his wishes and they're pulling in piece of the firm that he wants to be nothing like.

    In Alicia's defense, some of Cary's moves last season seemed to undermine her but it could have gone either way. Either he was undermining her or just trying to get his name out there since everyone knows Alicia.

  • pandorapax Sep 04, 2014

    That's why I don't like what I saw in that promo. I don't like the premise of that new firm and that it seems that Alicia is imposing her decision on Cary. He's not just a name partner he is a founder, he was the one who fueled and conceived the all thing, and yeah, he had a vision. Poor Cary.

  • ElainePinto Sep 04, 2014

    In this day and age, I can't really understand why someone would put a video on the f*cking Internet and then limited its view to a geographic region.

  • JT_Kirk Sep 04, 2014

    Licensing. Different realms are not only governed by different bodies, but promoted and marketed by different organizations.

  • TVdoJose Sep 04, 2014

    Please fix the video. It is not available for your readers. Why would you put up an article for your readers if some of the content is not readable or viewable? Thanks.

  • Lizzie01 Sep 04, 2014

    Omg, what a tease!!! Can you please make it so people in Australia can watch the trailers lol grrrrrrr

  • RobinRyschlic Sep 04, 2014

    Excited as fooooooooorck! Only a few more weeks until we all pour us some red wine and watch TV Alicia-style.

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