The Good Wife

The Art of War

Season 4, Ep 6, Aired 11/4/12
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  • As a very crowded Lockhart & Gardner continue their business, we learn that Kalinda's husband, Nick Saverese, loses the government bid to a competitor he now asks the attorneys to investigate for bribery. However, they discover another reason the winning bid could be disqualified and consider if this should be revealed. Military Judge Lenora Kuhn consults Alicia to assist a colleague with a civil case against an alleged rapist. Mandy Post is back, first ambushing Mattie Hayward in the law firm's waiting area and then advising Eli that her news organization is running the story about Peter after all. But Eli has a surprise of his own for Mandy that doesn't bode well for her. At Alicia's suggestion, Peter hires a different type of health aide for Jackie. Mattie Hayward makes a big decision, that shocks everyone.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Robert King (III)

  • Michelle King (I)

  • Ted Humphrey (I)

  • Josh Charles

  • Julianna Margulies

    Alicia Florrick

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    By JackyChen, Nov 07, 2012

  • The Art of War

    By thefanof, Nov 05, 2012

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    • Peter: You used my wife. You befriended her and used her.
      Maddie: I didn't use her. I befriended her. I didn't know I was going to do this.
      Peter: You know, I can trust a cynic and a con man, but I can't trust a hypocrite because the hypocrite doesn't know when she's lying, and that's the most dangerous liar of them all.

    • Mandy: Damn you!
      Eli: Get in line.
      Mandy: I got fired, Eli!
      Eli: What?
      Mandy: My editor thought it was unprofessional that I was pursuing a personal agenda. Now I'm the story. You sicced Peggy Byrne on me like an attack dog, and now I am out.
      Eli: Well, look at it this way. The good thing about a 24-minute news cycle is that they'll all be on to something else soon.

    • Jackie: You don't want me to campaign with you?
      Peter: No, I do. But I want you to be taken care of.
      Jackie: (about the nurse) I don't like him.
      Christian: You haven't given me a chance.
      Jackie: Don't eavesdrop.
      Christian: Don't talk so loud when you gossip.

    • Judge Abernathy: (opening) Hello, everyone. I hope you're staying cool today on this unusually hot November day. And, uh, I hope you don't mind me saying, "Global warming: One, Skeptics: Zero."

    • Will: Your Honor?
      Judge Kuhn: Mr. Gardner.
      Will: Uhm, why are you here?
      Judge Kuhn: To court-martial you.
      Will: (stunned) Ha-ha.
      Judge Kuhn: To see Alicia Florrick.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: November 4, 2012 on Global
      Czech Republic: March 18, 2013 on Universal Channel
      Finland: October 7, 2013 on Liv

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