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    a great episode

    By shadowysea07, Oct 28, 2010

    I can't believe u is able to lift 300 pounds. he's scary now. its great he made the football team. I'm also glad they made a compromise and didn't kill the pig and instead made it their mascot. The daughters side plot of not wanting to go to the comunity college was funny. first the zombie scene at teh consellors office was really funny. It sort of had a left for dead feel to it. then they did it the second time and she was handcuffed to a skeleton was good but not as good as the one before. she pulled the firealarm so she can't go there anymore though so she's screwed. the mother having a football problem was funny much better than the neighbors gambling addiction joke. its amazing how multi cultural their neighborhood is. they have lesbians and hawaiiansmoreless

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