The Hornet and the Firefly

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    A series of arson prompts Mike Axford to bring his old friend, fireman Lt. Ben Wade out of retirement to investigate. But when the city commissioner rejects the offer, the Green Hornet finds out the real arsonist hits close to home.

    By tlyoung88, Nov 08, 2009

    Surely the best episode of the one season. Tight character development on Mike Axford's part, internal conflict, which rare though it is, seemed to be building up from last week's episode. Very heartfelt. And the Firefly or Firebug is one of the few costumed supervillains on the show.

    Without spoiling too much, I did not find this episode to be formula or predictable in the least. The character of Ben Wade is a sympathetic one, and during the silver age of comic books, a rare occurrence. Even Batman didn't sympathize with Catwoman. (though the sexual tension was there)

    The series progressed and seemed to be getting better and better. Who knows what a second season would have yielded.moreless

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