The Green Hornet

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Quotes (26)

  • Scanlon: I've got the coroner's report here. The slug they took out of the victim is seventeen caliber.
    Britt: Seventeen? I never heard of such a gun.
    Scanlon: Nobody has until now.

  • Scanlon: We've got to find that gun and destroy it fast. Britt: Let's hope there's only one gun we're after.

  • Britt: Kato, get the Black Beauty ready to roll.

  • Green Hornet: Do we have a deal?
    Al Trump: What's you cut?
    Green Hornet: Half.
    Al Trump: That's highway robbery!
    Green Hornet: Another highway might lead right to the cemetery, Trump.

  • Carley: I kill, Hornet. I don't lie.
    Green Hornet: That's something I have to find out.

  • Carley: I'm sorry, Hornet, but this had to happen some time. You and I have been on a collision course for years. Two brilliant men. There's room for only one.
    Green Hornet: True. Sad but true.

  • Mike: You know, I have been thinking. Can you imagine what would have happened if that gun fell into the hands of a master criminal like the Green Hornet, instead of a punk like Al Trump? Lenore: Mike, please! Mike: The thought chills the blood. Doesn't it? Britt: It certainly does.

  • (Enters the Black Beauty and inspects his equipment.) Green Hornet: Hornet gun... check. Hornet sting... check. Let's roll, Kato.

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Notes (35)

  • The theme song for the show is Flight Of The Bumblebee, played by trumpeter Al Hirt.

  • Professor Miller's first name is Frank, which makes his name Frank Miller, just like the famous comic book artist.

  • This was the pilot episode, as evidenced by the different opening music over the "THE GREEN HORNET--IN COLOR" opening bumper, the masks worn by both The Hornet and Kato which otherwise only appear in promotional photos (After this episode was shot, molds were taken of Williams' and Lee's faces and form-fitting masks were cast), and the extended sequences introducing/establishing characters, sets, and devices. It's also unique in that it's the only episode that The Hornet lets Kato do all the hand-to-hand fighting! (The Hornet just uses a gas gun.)

  • This was probably the first episode filmed under the regular weekly series schedule, as Bruce Lee is not wearing a mask made from a mold of his face but the angularly stylized one otherwise seen only in the pilot, "Programmed for Death" (q.v.), some stills in the standard opening title sequence, and a few scattered stock shots.

  • Two days before this episode aired (9/28/66), Van Wiliams and Bruce Lee had brief cameos in the Batman episode "The Spell of Tut (1)". They appeared during one of Batman and Robin's wall climbing sequences.

  • Victor Jory, who plays the villain (Charles Delaclaire / Glen Connors) was The Shadow in the 1940's radio serial The Shadow.

  • Telephone voice disguiser is used for the first time.

  • Again the Hornet Stinger is used to open a locked wrought-iron door.

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Trivia (46)

  • The Black Beauty's license number is "V194".

  • Colony's cane tip, which Britt finds beneath a car, is not lying on the ground in the shot where he drives up.

  • Miller tells the Hornet the extreme cold would "rip the flesh from your hands", but the Hornet is wearing gloves.

  • The vault is supposed to be at 50 below 0 for the production of the diamonds, but the Green Hornet and Professor Miller enter without any sort of cold weather protection and Miller doesn't visibly decrease the temperature beforehand.

  • How did the Black Beauty get into the back of Marcus's semi totally unnoticed?

  • Britt is awfully clean when he goes into the dairy/distillery. Wasn't he just thrown from a moving car onto dirt?

  • Britt is wearing a light blue suit when he's "delivered" to Dirk. Look closely, as he (as the Green Hornet) captures Dirk, his trousers are dark.

  • Professor Wylie's secretary is shown running to his burning car twice (she screams the second time, has no reaction the first time).

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Allusions (9)

  • The episode's title comes from a quote in George Bagby's 1941 novel Red Is For Killing.

    The original quote is, "If you give a man enough rope he hangs himself."

  • The famously wealthy and reclusive Charles Delaclaire was inspired by Howard Hughes. This is an early example of what a decade later would be a cliche.

  • none: DSTV's Affiliation
    Apparently DSTV - the Daily Sentinel TV station also owned by Britt Reid/Green Hornet - was an ABC affiliate. Early in that episode, one of the bad guys is shown watching an episode of Batman, which is then interrupted by a news bulletin regarding the activities of the Green Hornet.

  • Bert Selden: We've got a fortune riding on a deal and you're watching Batman?
    The Batman TV Series was out during the same time (1966) as Green Hornet.

  • The closed circuit TV controls located behind the bust is reminiscent of the Batpole controls being located the the bust in the Batman series.

  • When the TV is turned on while Gant and Trager are at Britt Reid's house, the screen displays an image of Batman & Robin walking up the side of a building. The Batman TV series of the 60s was produced by the same company as The Green Hornet and aired on the same network (ABC).

  • The wedding of beautiful American Janet Prescott to Islamic monarch Prince Rafil parallels the similar marriage of King Hussein of Jordan to American Lisa Halaby (renamed Queen Noor), except the real thing didn't happen until 1978!

  • The Scarf bears a striking resemblance to the Shadow, the pulp hero developed by Walt Gibson ca. 1931. Developed into a mystery man, The Shadow was a contemporary of the Green Hornet, both of whom starred in radio serials.

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