Keeper of the Reaper

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  • Fred Fredburger: Judge, yes, Judge, I need to go pee-pee! I need to go pee-pee, yes! Judge Roy Spleen: Can't it wait? Blue Juror: Apparently not.

  • Blue Juror: (to Fred FredBurger) How many times do I have to tell you, this is MY house! Fred: Yes.

  • Billy: I love sappy endings! Fred: Yes.

  • Judge Roy Spleen: Now listen to me, I need you to - (Fred reaches for his gavel) Don't touch that! I need you to think about everything you learned today and tell me: Who should get Grim? Billy, or Mandy? Fred Fredburger: (pause) Yes. Judge Roy Spleen: Yes to Billy, or yes to Mandy? Fred Fredburger: Yes! Judge Roy Spleen: Yes. Fred Fredburger: Yes. Judge Roy Spleen: Yes, I see. You're saying Grim shouldn't be seperated from either Billy or Mandy because that would destroy their friendship. Fred Fredburger: Yes. Judge Roy Spleen: And friendship is our most personal treasure to share. (starts to cry, everyone else starts crying) Even more personal than toothbrush. Fred Fredburger: Yes. Judge Roy Spleen: Fred Fredburger, your words have moved my crusty heart. Therefore, I hereby declare Billy's family to be placed under house arrest and never be allowed to move! Court adjourned! (bangs his gavel)

  • Billy: So, Mandy? You think you can make me look bad?! Well, guess what, Mr. Missymiss. I don't need you to make me look bad! I can do that all on my own. And now, you force me to play dirty. (Billy starts playing in mud, laughing) I'm a dirty boy! I'm a dirty, I'm a dirty boy!!! Mandy: Billy, you've just evolved a notch up the idiot ladder. Billy: Such biting comments, Mandy. But now, they'll bite you - in the butt!

  • Billy: Please vote me the keeper of the Reaper. I want to be the keeper of the Reaper His skinny white bones are mine to own, to do with as I see fit. Give him to me and I promise my love won't quit. Mandy: I disagree about the keeper of the Reaper. It should be me who's the keeper of the Reaper. Grim's not a toy for an idiot boy who can't even tie his shoes. If Billy wins then we all surely lose. Grim: Do I get a say in the keeper of the Reaper? I'll make you all pay for the keeper of the Reaper. All my rage is bottled up in this cage, held back with these iron bars. I'll never get rid of the mental scars. Judge Roy Spleen: I don't care who's the keeper of the Reaper. I'm losing my hair over keeper of the Reaper. And all this stress is crushing my chest. I'm going blind in one eye. And it's all because of that stupid guy! (points at Fred) Fred Fredburger: (not singing) Mmm! Don't worry, I found some nachos! Yes. (Judge Roy Spleen hits Fred with his gavel and takes away the nachos) Ow! Billy: (rapping) Time to break it down, old school style! Billy: Grim is the corner in my square. Mandy: Grim's the chocolate in my eclair. Billy: Grim is the freshener in my air. Mandy: Grim's the conditioner in my hair. Billy: Grim's the picnic in my bear. Mandy: Grim is the cushion in my chair. Billy: Grim is the Renaissance in my fair. Mandy: Grim is the anger in my stare. Billy: Grim is the stain in my underwear. Mandy: Somehow I knew you were gonna go there. Courtroom: Please vote me the keeper of the Reaper. I wanna see the Keeper of the Reaper. Grim: All this singing is driving me nuts! Courtroom: Why not just cut Grim in half? Fred Fredburger: (at the same time as them, slowly) I just want some nachos... Judge Roy Spleen: An ulcer's eating away at my guts. Courtroom: That would be a real good laugh! Fred Fredburger: (at the same time as them, slowly) How is my nachos... Mandy: I totally hate that we have to debate. Billy: 'Bout whether it's me or you Everyone: It's obvious to everyone here, it's obvious to everyone here, it's obvious to everyone that- Fred: (interrupts song) I have to make poo-poo! (everybody else stops singing and stares at Fred, confused) Judge Roy Spleen: ...What? Fred: I, uh...I have to go make a poo-poo.

  • Mindy: She walks around being gross, and ugly, and everything, and doesn't even apologize for it!

  • Fred: Judge! Yes, uh, where are the nachos? Judge Roy Spleen: There aren't any nachos. Fred: Well then, where are the hot dogs? Judge Roy Spleen: There are no hot dogs. Fred: Pizza? Judge Roy Spleen: NO!! Billy: Tacos? Fred: I like tacos! Judge Roy Spleen: (hits Billy and Mandy together) Don't encourage him! Walrus Creature: Why not? This trial is an absolute joke anyway! It's obvious Grim should go to Billy. Three-Eyed Creature: Oh, please, are you infected with the bonkers? Mandy is the only sensible decision! Billy Fans: Billy! Mandy Fans: Mandy! Billy Fans: Billy! Mandy Fans: Mandy!

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Notes (28)

  • Billy's Mom Oh, my stars and garters! That is a line that Beast from the X-Men series used.

  • Listen Closely: The Walrus Creature has the same voice as Numbuh 1's Dad, Monty Uno, from Codename: Kids Next Door

  • while billy is doing his flash back, and billy and Mandy where pulling grim after that an under water mine appears for about 2 seconds.

  • Look Hard: All the jurors are lefties when they write.

  • Look Hard: The yellow juror raises a hand out of the ground when he has no hands. (His pencil floats when he fills out paperwork.)

  • The word "yes" is spoken 29 times in this episode.

  • Second appearance of Judge Roy Spleen

  • Look Hard: 1) The orange juror on the bottom-left had his hand raised for both Billy and Mandy, and the juror behind him never had his hand raised. 2) While Judge Roy Spleen is talking after all the yessing, Fred Fredburger is rolling his eyes. 3) The snake-like lawyer and the judge make their second appearance since House of the Ancients. 4) When the underworld train comes in, there are stores in the background called Tix, Aleister Ln, and Pace Park.

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Trivia (6)

  • When Billy calls Irwin to the court as a witness, he says that he was in the shower and he is naked. But almost right after, that he takes his glasses out and puts them on. How did he do that if he was in the shower and holding a bar of soap?

  • How could Lil' Porkchop be Billy's pet for eleven minutes if Billy had him overnight? (Response: I beleive Mandy ment by the time of that episode, as a gag)

  • How could Lil' Porkchop be Billy's pet for eleven minutes if Billy had him overnight? (Response, this could mean how long Lil' Porkchop was big)

  • In the episode, Mandy sings. But unlike Billy and Mandy Save Christmas, she does it at a normal pace and doesn't have to smile.

  • Before Fred Fredburger interrupts " Hey who's that Lady?!" Billy said "Grim conjured this-". But In the second time he said "Grim conjured us this".

  • Sperg was credited, but he never appeared in this episode.

Allusions (11)

  • During the "Keeper of the Reaper" song, when the line "why not just cut Grim in half" was sung, this could be a reference to the old fable in which two women went to the king to settle a dispute as to who the real mother was, the kings solution was to cut the baby in half because the real mother would gladly give up the child if it meant it wouldn't be harmed.

  • The way Billy and Mandy fight over custody of Grim, it is similar to that of divorced couples, fighting over the custody of their children.

  • When the monsters are crying, you can see a yellow monster. That yellow monster looks like Cheese, a character from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

  • Character Name: Fred Fredburger He is named after one of the producers of Star Trek: The Original Series, Fred Freiberger.

  • Billy's Mom: Oh, my stars and garters! It was a catchphrase said by the Beast from X-Men.

  • Name: Judge Roy Spleen His name probably comes from Judge Roy Bean from the 1972 movie The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean.

  • The creature who is the prosecuting attorney talks a lot like Christopher Walken, who is famous for his broken speaking pattern when delivering a monologue.

  • Billy's Dad: (pointing to Milkshakes hanging from part of the destroyed house) Hang in there, baby. When Harold sees Billy's cat Milkshakes dangling from a part of the destroyed house, he says, "Hang in there, baby". This comes from an old poster depicting a kitten hanging from a tree limb captioned with this same saying.

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