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    Weird plots, punchline humor, and This show keeps em coming.

    By Goozduck, Mar 11, 2007

    Nergal's Pizza

    I'm glad they brought back Jr. and his family as a competition for best pizza on the block rages on between Grim and Nergal. As usual, Billy and Mandy get dragged into the plot, yet how and why Mandy was playing cashier seems a little too out of character.

    So, nobody actually wins - only to bring more weird humor to the plate.

    Hey, Water You Doing?

    HAH. I actually found this one more enjoyable than the other one because of the satire of Hulk Hogan as the King and two underwater sisters fight for Billy's hand in marriage.

    Unfortunately, it was all made up by Billy to come up with an excuse to for not writing his report. I give him credit for making it very coherent and making it sensical in a wierd way.moreless

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