The Hard Times of RJ Berger

The Lock-In

Season 2, Ep 3, Aired 4/4/11
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  • Episode Description
  • Lacking privacy at home, RJ takes Jenny to the school lock-in to get a private evening together. Miles hands out biscottis to the students at the lock-in, unaware of what they contain. Lily decides to ruin RJ's and Jenny's night.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jareb Dauplaise

    Miles Jenner

  • Kara Taitz

    Lily Miran

  • Amber Lancaster

    Jenny Swanson

  • Jayson Blair

    Max Owens

  • Beth Littleford

    Suzanne Berger

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  • Quotes (24)

    • RJ Berger: (RJ's closing monologue, after Jenny's bad trip and spending the night together out on the football field.) My name is RJ Berger, and I think the universe is starting to take a shine to me... (The sprinklers on the field come on, soaking he and Jenny.)

    • RJ Berger: (Stroking Jenny's hair as she wakes up.) Morning...
      Jenny Swanson: Good morning...
      RJ Berger: Last night... Everybody got pretty, messed up...
      Jenny Swanson: Did I...?
      RJ Berger: Yeah...
      Jenny Swanson: (Remembering that she took her panties off.) Did I... take my...
      RJ Berger: Yes... But I put them back on for you...
      Jenny Swanson: (Looking embarrassed.) I'm sorry RJ... But... Did we...?
      RJ Berger: No... But, we did just spend the night together...
      Jenny Swanson: (Touching RJ's face.) Soon, RJ Berger... I promise... (Kisses him gently on the lips.)

    • Lily: (Spotting Miles at the end of the hallway after finally getting out of the bathroom.) Hey!!! I'm gonna take this nice, and slow...
      Miles: (Still hallucinating, he sees her as an evil troll creature.) No!!! NOOOOOO!!! Stay away from me!!! Help!!! (The entire gym full of people, also on a bad trip, races down the hallway, knocking Lily over and pinning Miles up against the locked doors.)
      RJ Berger: STOP!!! (He walks calmly through the crowd and unbolts the doors from up top, letting all the students outside into the night.) Go!

    • Miles: (Hallucinating Paris Hilton.) Paris Hilton... Is it really you...?
      Hallucination: Yes it's me...
      Miles: (Looking her up and down.) You're beautiful...
      Hallucination: I know... You are sooo hot...
      Miles: Really...?
      Hallucination: Can I tell you a secret?
      Miles: Anything...
      Hallucination: (Hallucination turns from Paris Hilton into the devil.) I'm the devil!!!
      Miles: (Completely flipping out and hallucinating badly.) The biscotti monster!!! (He races down the hallway in his underwear, screaming the entire way.)

    • Lily: (Hearing Coach Sinclair in the air ducts.) Who's there?! (The air duct pops open, but it's too dark for Lily to see the coach.) Ahhhh! NOOOOOO!!!
      Coach Sinclair: What the hell is going...? OW!!! (Yells as Lily starts to beat him over and over again with her crutches.) OW!!! Stop you crazy b*tch!!!

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    Notes (5)

    • Audience - 1,220,000

    • Production Companies - MTV/Remote Productions

    • Also Known As:

      Hard Times - USA (working title)
      Hard Times - Tempi duri per RJ Berge - Italy
      RJ Berger - Hard kor - Hungary
      Tiempos duros para RJ Berger - Spain

    • Music:

      The Waking Hours - Hey Hey Hey
      My Luminaries - Order From The Chaos
      The Summer Set - The Boys You Do
      Colorsound - Midnight Feeling
      Ali Pierre - Famous
      Wil Seabrook - Plus One
      The Beatards - This Is For The...
      MNDR - Caligula
      Val Emmich - Don't Wanna Go Home
      Jiggsaw - Don't Waste Your Time

    • Filmed with a 1.78:1 aspect ratio.

    Allusions (3)

    • Max Owens: Double rainbow all the way!!!

      The Double Rainbow saying is a direct reference to something that Paul 'Bear' Vasquez said upon seeing an enormous double rainbow 'all the way across the sky' from his front yard near Yosemite National Park. It became a viral video sensation, less from the beauty of the rainbow, and more because of the emotional way in which he expressed his awe.

    • Miles: (While wedging a chair under the door and trapping Lily in the bathroom.) Welcome home you traitorous Hobbit!

      Hobbits allude to a race of 'Little People' created by J.R.R. Tolkein, and made famous first in his series of books, and then on a MUCH larger scale with the Lord of the Ring trilogy. They are generally described as short, stout, and hairy, which areall attributes that Miles has attributed to Lily, thoughwith slightly different wordings.

    • Miles: Hell no! I think I'd rather be a human centipede between Biz Markie and Justin Bieber, thanks.

      This single phrase alludes to multiple things. First, Human Centiped was a 2010 movie about a crazy doctor who sews 3 people together from ass to mouth.

      Biz Markie is a world renowned rapper and comedian, among many other talents, and has always been something of a heavyset man.

      Justin Bieber is a young teen Canadian singer who has become a global phenomenon. He is constantly plagued with gay rumors.

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