The Hollywood Squares (1966)

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  • The 1st Game is Worth $250 & The 2nd Game of the Match is totaled $500 and became the champion and faced the challenger either for "Miss Circle (O)" or "Mister X (X)" to became one(1) & takes 8 Games (4 Matches) to win $2000 & The Brand New Automobile. The Secret Square is Worth $1000 in cash & prizes.

  • This is the Black & White Pilot that filmed at CBS Television City in Hollywood, CA in 1965. The Master of "THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES" is Bert Parks and the Announcer is Kenny Williams to build a true Daytime Television Classic.

  • The Game's worth $100 & The Completed match each worth $200 plus $300 Bonus that gives the total of $500 for the 2 contestants are "Miss Circle (O)" & "Mister X (X)". The Champion goes through 5 matches (10 Games) and he or she wins $2500 and A New Car.

  • "THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES (1966)" has been Preempted on November 24, 1966 for the coverage of "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade."

  • On January 2, 1967 "THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES (1966)" preempted for NBC Sports Coverage of "THE TOURNAMENT OF ROSES PARADE."

  • THE STAR FACTS: Noel Harrison was best known as Mark Slate (April Dancer's Sidekick) on "The Girl from UNCLE" on NBC-TV from 1966 to 1967 and he's the son of Rex Harrison. Legendary Bombshell Mamie Van Doren was the Queen of B-Movies of the 1950s & the 1960s. Barbara Feldon was best known as "99" on "GET SMART" on NBC & CBS-TV from 1965 to 1970. Michael Callan was Peter Christopher on "Occasional Wife" on NBC-TV from 1966 to 1967 (to be credited as Mickey Callahan). Paul Lynde was all of his Movie, Broadway & Television Work for many years in the 1950s and as regular on "The Red Buttons Show" on NBC-TV in 1955, one of the Kraft Music Hall Players on "The Perry Como Show" on NBC-TV from 1961 to 1962, Uncle Arthur Winsome on "Bewitched" on ABC-TV from 1965 to 1972 and Harvey Pointdexter on "THE PHYLLIS DILLER SHOW" on ABC-TV in 1967.

  • This is the Last Weekday Show that made the Champions & the Challengers (Mr. X & Miss O) collecting $100 for the game & ($200 + $300)= $500 total for the 2/3 Match and still the total cash goal of $2000 & A New Car.

  • Now "THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES (1966)" Changed from $100 per game-$500 per match-$2000 the finale into $200 per game-$400 per match-$2000 the finale on this Weekday (February 13-17, 1967).

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  • The Weekday of November 15-19, 1976 should be in 5 days not 2 days in advance.