The Honeymooners

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    the word is marathon

    By whittenburg, May 14, 2012

    love your show and you mr. judge mathis

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    Ahead of it's time for comedy

    By ecpjll, Feb 22, 2012

    The Honeymooners is a million times funnier than most modern day comedies. It was that good..way ahead of it's time comedy-wise. Most shows from that era had such soft and cheezy-like comedy that you found kind of boring after awhile. every episode of this show keeps you laughing out loud though. I love watching the more traditional husband and wife roles too. It reminds me of a simpler time.

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    How sweet it was!

    By gideonbernstein, Jan 02, 2011

    This classic 1950s television comedy show set the bar for many others like it in the decades to come. The made a theatrical motion picture out of it, but it was a total fairlure both with the critics and at the box office manly because it simply wasn't the same without the joint comical genius of Jackie Gleason and Art Carney. My father has a complete collection of DVDs of the entire series in his collection, and it still never fails to crack him, myself and my family up with laughter. The Honeymooners is by far one of the greatest TV comedies of all time.moreless

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    Honeymooners is the best TV viewing of its time. I also enjoy the opening when the fireworks begin and the moon shines over Brookly, NY. I love the image of Ralph's face on the moon. GREAT STUFF!!!

    By peachycleangirl, Oct 06, 2010

    One of the funniest episodes is when Norton takes Ralph's temperature and uses a lighter to read the result on the thermometer of 111*F. I still laugh out loud. Another favorite is when Ralph and Norton are going on a fishing trip without Trixie and Alice. I also love the apartment Norton and Trixie had. Very fashionably up-to-date with a beautiful couch, TV and the greatest wall paper. Norton always bought everything "on time". The bank wouldn't give him any more credit. The Kramdon's apartment was alway dreary even though Alice kept it neat. I think she should have washed the walls-- it really needed it. Trixie was always taking food from the Kramdon's. Apples, oranges, onions. Trixie was ahead of her time wearing a bracelet that resembles the Tiffany heart bracelet that almost every women owns.moreless

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    this was one of the best show of all time in my opion

    By cube2k8, May 07, 2010

    the honey mooners even though i was not alive by far when this show was out but i saw old eps and bougth the dvds of the show. i enjoyed this show alot and it is about two familys that are tring to meet ends meat after the depresion. it had alot of funny moments in the show between the two familys like the two husbands would argue the one that jakie gelson played and his wife alice would always fight some times over things and disputes and he would always say one of thess days to the moon alice. it was a good show and you can see alot of it in the flintstones and the simpsons and others that are made to day. and that is why i gave the show a8moreless

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    To the moon Alice to the moon.

    By paoros16, Nov 18, 2007

    This show is really funny even though I wasnt alive I still really enjoy it. I watch it every New Years Day with my family and it is one of the reasons why New years is such a cool holiday. My favorite characters are Ed and Ralph. It is funny because of all the trouble Ralph gets into with his big mouth. Ralph and Ed are always trying to use easy get rich schemes that dont work. Ed is always going along with Ralphs plans and getting into trouble with his wife. I really enjoy this show and I cant wait to see it every New Years Day.moreless

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    Classic, funny, poignant, and somewhat ahead of its time.

    By Mads13, Apr 05, 2007

    As a kid in the 80s I was, for some unknown reason, a fan of these "classic" sitcoms, like Sid Caesar, Burns and Allen, etc. Though I enjoyed them all, the humor in most of those seemed too set-up, too predictable, maybe even too "Vaudeville-ian" at times. The thing that stood out in the Honeymooners to me was its sense of spontaneity. The humor seemed more natural and realistic than those others. I think, for shows of that time period, it had a bit more wit to it. Sometimes the jokes were a little more subtle, which adds an idea of intelligence to them, that they're not just "banana peel" jokes.

    Although all shows at the time were "family friendly," this one did have a bit more of an edge to it, without being mean spirited.moreless

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    This series shows how a man mantains a good marriage, even when they do have ups and downs.

    By SJKopp321, Feb 01, 2007

    This is the best show that I have ever seen! There are times that whenever I do watch it, it teaches me something valuable from it (for example, learning from someone else's mistakes so that one doesn't do it again; taking stock of oneself; and the like). But there are also jokes that I can't stop laughing about, and indeed it does fit perfectly in this show. I think Jackie Gleason and Audrey Meadows make a very good couple! Too bad I only get to see this series once a year (every New Years day, of course!) You've got to watch this.moreless

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    The series is about Ralph and Alice Kremden living in a very small apartment, and have a very funny annoying neighber Ed Norton. And Ralph trys to do something right that would get him in trouble. A very funny and a classic show.

    By Stargatefan500, Oct 10, 2006

    If I had one wish about this series, I would wish that they make more then 39 episodes. Sadly it lasted for one year. Every time I watch this, I am on the floor laughing hard. Jackie Gleason does a great job playing Ralph and Art Carney was very funny as Ed Norton. My favorite episode they made that kept me laughing was when Alice\'s mother was giving away the ending for the play that Ralph was going to see and he came unglue and yell,\" You are a BLABBERMOUTH!\" He kept saying it to make her leave, That was one of the best classic of this show.moreless

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