Young Man With A Horn

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (6)

  • Alice: [to Norton, as Ralph's about to play the cornet] Stand back, Ed...this is liable to be messy! Ralph: (shoving his fist at her) YOU'RE "liable to be messy" in about FIVE SECONDS...!!

  • Norton:"Is that all the paper your gonna use."

  • Alice:"Is this a private parade or can anybody march in it."

  • Norton:"He's right Alice, he hasn't touched his toes in years either and he wants to keep them."

  • {after Ralph's imperfect trumpet rendition of "Carnival Of Venice"} Alice:"You know something? I liked it better with a sock in it." Ralph:(shoving his fist at her again)"I'd like YOU a little better with a sock in ya'!"

  • Norton:"As my great grand daddy used to say. There's always hope when you have water and soap."

Notes (1)

  • When listing Ralph's bad points, Norton (in jest) writes down that Ralph is a rotten bowler. But in the episode "Oh My Aching Back", Ralph is a fabulous bowler, and helps win a bowling tournament.

Trivia (2)

  • On Ralphs list, in the bad points he has #6 to fat and #12 is also to fat. To add to that #13 is eats to much

  • Also #20 is to fat as well.