The Huntress

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Quotes (2)

  • Bank CSR: "The will is very straightforward. Mr. Thorson left everything to you, formally speaking. Brandi Thorson: "Formally?" Bank CSR: "Ummm, well, aside the house, there are no other tangible assets." Dottie Thorson: "What do you mean?" Bank CSR: "There's no money in any of the accounts. The insurance policy has been cashed in; the pension fund, liquidated; your credit cards are maxed out. There's nothin'. In fact, you owe $98,000." Dottie: "Ohhh! Oh, Ralph! Ohh." Brandi: "Wait, wait, I don't understand." Bank CSR: "Only one signature is required to access the account. Apparently Mr. Thorson had financial difficulties. I am terribly sorry." Brandi: "No, you're not. Why pretend to be?" Bank CSR: "It's my job."

  • Brandi: "Mom? Bounty hunters don't cry."

Notes (13)

  • Music includes the song "Spirit in the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum. This was the biggest (and only) hit for the Massachusetts native based in California, reaching #3 on the charts in 1970. It's heard during the opening credits and scenes leading up to Ralph's murder.

  • Alanna Ubach reprises her role as Robin from the original TV-movie The Huntress in this two-part episode.

  • USA Network's website listed the title of this episode on their schedule as "Vegas/The Hunted." The "Vegas" designation seems to have been used as a link with another USA series, Cover Me: Based on the True Life of an FBI Family, which was premiering a new episode the same night as The Huntress. The locale of the Cover Me... episode, "Mother's Day," was also Las Vegas and it was a two-parter as well. However, most TV listings carried the episode name as "The Two Mrs. Thorsons Part 2."

  • West Side Wayne & the Boulevard Band appear as musical guests stars.

  • Have the writers and producers of The Huntress forgotten the name of Justine Miceli's character? She first appears in episode 2, "The Kid," playing Tiny's court-appointed lawyer Anita Temple. She reappears in this episode and also "Busted" and "Spooked," each time as the same lawyer character. But in none of those episodes is she ever referred to by name, not even a first name, unless we missed it, and we don't think we did. Finally, in the episode "Showdown," in which she does not appear, Ricky says he got a call from Tiny's "lady lawyer." Well, if they can't remember the character's name, they can look it up here!

  • Musical guests West Side Wayne & the Boulevard Band appear.

  • Screenplay writer Christopher Keane also wrote the book on which the series "The Huntress" was based.

  • West Side Wayne & the Boulevard Band appear once again in this episode. As usual, they are barely featured at all.

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Trivia (1)

  • When the customer service representative from the bank is reviewing Ralph's finances with Dottie and Brandi, she twice pronounces their last name "Thoroson."

Allusions (2)

  • Brandy: "Why do I get the feeling that I'll be telling all this on the E! True Hollywood Story?"
    Brandi refers to the series of shows on the E! (Entertainment Television) Network that chronicle the lives of show-biz stars, television shows, and various other entertainment-world events and news stories with a strong emphasis on scandalous story lines. Like VH1's "Behind the Music" series of the same time, these generally sympathetic pieces were audience favorites on their respective networks.

  • Mike: "I think they're giving a lifetime achievement award to Scary Spice."
    The "International Music Awards" are supposedly honoring one of the Spice Girls, the girl group whose career was marked by a meteoric rise and fall in popularity in the latter half of the 1990's, and who many cite as the epitome of the "fifteen minutes of fame" syndrome. Like many acts of the time, they were also accused of being an artificial creation of producers, and of having more looks than musical talent. "Scary Spice" was the nickname given to Melanie B. (Melanie Janine Brown), who some critics acknowledged as actually having some vocal talent.