The Incredible Hulk (1996)

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Quotes (136)

  • Banner: I’m so sorry, Betty, for all of it. Losing control of the gamma reactor test, and for… and for everything that’s gone so wrong since. I don’t know why it had to happen. In one fractured second, one cowardly act of sabotage later the domino started toppling, one after another faster and faster, relentless in it’s spiral to disaster. Threatening to take with it one innocent who was unknowingly trapped in it’s unforgiving path. So I attempted to oppose faith that day… and that day… I lost.

  • (Hulk pulling Mitch out of the water) Mitch: Hulk.. Hulk: Friend..? (Hulk jumps away, running from the military again) Mitch: Yes... friend..

  • Doc Samson: Interesting though... how the Hulk whipped both S.H.I.E.L.D and the military in the same day.

  • Betty: And the legendary Doc Samson finally makes his heroic entrance.

  • Mitch: This is a job for operations man.

  • Rick: Look, I'm here to see Tony Stark, or if he's not around, maybe that rusty bodyguard of his, Iron Maiden?

  • Iron Man: Oh, and gentlemen, do we submit the bill for the damages to S.H.I.E.L.D, or to... the Pentagon?

  • H.O.M.E.R: Excuse me, sir. (Rick accidentally firing off the shooter on the glove, destroying one of Iron Man's machines) Rick: Ehm, sorry. But he spooked me...again! Jim: It's okay. I often wanted to do that myself.

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Notes (85)

  • Was released on VHS along with Part 2 as The Incredible Hulk: The Return Of The Beast.

  • General Ross and Major Talbot look exactly the same as they did in the comic books of The Incredible Hulk, unlike Bruce Banner and Betty Ross, as well as Rick.

  • Banner is held under military arrest during this episode.

  • Micheal Bell provided the voice of Bruce Banner in the 80’s series.

  • Hulk origin story.

  • Mark Hamill is no stranger to super hero shows and is best known for his role of The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Gotham Knights. He was the Joker in other DCAU shows.

  • This series was created after the success of Spider-Man and X-Men.

  • This is the second Hulk animated series.

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Trivia (31)

  • When the Hulk changes back to Banner, his colors are inverted; he changes from pink (Hulk) to green (Banner).

  • The Abomination is very strong, he even killed the Hulk in their first fight in the comic books.

  • The animators make huge goofs in this episode. The goof occurs starting with the scene when Betty Ross and Rick Jones are brought to a cave by the mutant creatures up until the end of the episode. In every other scene Betty Ross is in, she alternates between wearing boots to being barefoot constantly.

  • When Bruce is trapped under the debris of the overpass, he picks up a rock. For a few frames, this rock is colored like his skin.

  • At the beginning of the episode, Hulk transforms back into Bruce Banner. Banner sees the reflection of the Hollywood sign in a puddle of water. The reflection isn't reversed.

  • During Iron Man's first appearance in the episode, he's seemingly able to fly without the aid of his jet boots.

  • The Ghost Rider here seems to be (or based mostly) on the Daniel Ketch 1990s version of the Ghost Rider. Based on the flaming bike designs and how he transforms (touching the gas cap) it seems like he is not the Johnny Blaze rider.

  • We finally get to see Doc Samson using his superstrength.

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Allusions (26)

  • Bruce: (To Rick) Anytime, rebel without a cause. This is a reference to the classic film Rebel Without a Cause, whose main character rode a motorbike, much like Rick.

  • Bruce: Easy! Man of Steel I am not! This is a reference to the DC Comics hero Superman, who is commonly refered to as "The Man of Steel"

  • Betty: And the legendary Doc Samson finally makes his heroic entrance. This could also be an inside reference from the writers to the fans, because he never appeared in any Hulk show yet until now. In the comics he was one of the important characters.

  • Mitch: This is a job for operations man. This could be a reference to Superman, somewhat different but it is the same.

  • Rick: Look, I'm here to see Tony Stark, or if he's not around, maybe that rusty bodyguard of his, Iron Maiden? This is a reference to the heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

  • Rick: Ohh, we're off to see the wizard.. This is the beginning of the song to the old movie The Wizard Of Oz.

  • War Machine: Sorry 'busters, no fiddlin' on our roof! This is a reference to Fiddler on the Roof, a Broadway musical.

  • Gargoyle: From Russia's leading scientist to a bug jockey! This is in fact a reference to the comic book, where the Gargoyle was indeed a leading scientist. It can be seen in the very first issue of The Incredible Hulk.

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