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    horrible show

    By gregguess71, Aug 20, 2014

    Occasionally I accidently flip to this program and immediately I am reminded why I never watch it rank ametures pathetic.

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    Beautiful J Lo???

    By dea_984, Mar 15, 2014

    Your show on Thursday or Friday where you showed Jennifer Lopez's new song/video... you all kept repeating the statement about how "beautiful" she is; OF COURSE she's beautiful, compare her now pictures to pic's of her when she first started out. She was attractive then but she apparently decided some surgery would net her lots more money via commercials, modeling, etc; which it has but let's be honest this is augmented beauty, not natural and ANYONE with her income can become beautiful. There's also the expensive make-up, hair care, nannies for the kids to free up her time and personal trainers she can afford and has the time to invest in as normal, working women with families can't.moreless

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    Boycott Walart,Foodnetwork and any other network who bashes a person for something so long ago.

    By Kit4ahillbill, Jun 27, 2013

    I heardd the foolishness of whats going on with Paula Deen and I can not believe that everyone is falling for this what she used the N word EONS have comidian who used it like yesterday and do they loose thier contracts for they a matter of fact people laugh at their jokes with how much flat out racism? Get will do anything in my power to make it my business to boycott every store and every network that is backing this sttupid Deen is just like everyone else,she is a human being who makes mistakes and what she says in the privacy of her own hoe is her own business PERIOD.....moreless

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    Kevin Frazier and the commericials are the biggest issues with the show...

    By PrettyinPink, Jun 01, 2013

    Once in awhile we all like to be updated on what's going on in the Hollywood scene. The show itself follows a news anchor style format with the anchors giving all the buzz and adding their two cents to the information as well. I haven't much issue with the format or the buzz but I cannot stand Kevin Fraizer! He is one of the most awkward, annoying, and creepy-ish TV anchors I've ever watched.

    For example, if something is obviously funny he will act so awkward, like he can't handle the humor, and try to say something to boot and he just ends up ruining the moment. He also has a slight air of haughtiness and an undercurrent of creepiness that I just can't describe. He should be replaced or given a smaller role on the show. The program would get 2 more points from me if he was gone.

    There are also WAY too many commercials and unnecessary suspense for the smallest of stories.moreless

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    Bropoke Anderson & Kevin Frazier Created Exciting Chemistry. Two Boobas Who Replaced Them Are Atrocious

    By singlpty, Jan 26, 2013

    Today is January 25 and the supporting cast on the show is unprofessional and unwatchable. Tonight I sign off from the show I so looked forward to. Exceptional chemistry bwetween the ever-stunnnig if not beautiful Brooke and her partner Kevin. The banter between the panel of new hosts is sickening. Why spend time developing a chemistry to seed it fall to amateurs who are more concierned with giggling and making faces/hand gestures. Ok. I see Kevin is on tonight, but the two talentless ladies are unwatchable. The lead female has the look for a fish market: horrible nose, horrible profile, horrible manner about her. Give them all the hook. Bring Brooke back or a comparable talent if there is onr out there. Whover made the call on casting needs to rethink matters before the ratings drop off the chart.moreless

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    By marionrad, Jan 16, 2013

    Your behavior toward the dog was childish and 3 of you on the show. Pit bulls have a reputation and are stigmatized to be vicious dogs ue to ignorance, when, in fact, they are smart wonderful and known to be "Nanny" dogs. You should do your homework when it comes to your guests, whether it be a dog or an actor, etc. I do not watch your show often, although, tonight left a very bad taste in my mouth for all 3 of you.moreless

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    Kevin and Debbie Do Not Understand Because They Are Celebs Themselves

    By summerpereira, Dec 24, 2012

    Re: 12-24-12 Show - Love your program, BTW. Today the show with Debbie and Kevin and the segment about Suzy Hamilton runner to prostitute, they both said that they did not understand her actions. Yet, the doctor on the segment spoke of how Suzy has a problem with needing, getting and being addicted to attention. I think that Kevin and Debbie do not get it because they are celebs themselves and are afraid to admit that all celebs need and are addicted to attention. It is not a bad thing, it is a characteristic that you should have to become a celebrity,but, keep your intelligence and insight and be realistic about celebrity life even if you are part of it. I know that Kevin and Debbie are intelligent people, they are smart enough to understand that Suzy is an extremist, and it is obvious that she has an addiction to attention no matter what she has to do to get it. The Doctor is right though, it is not something to be taken lightly, she might have even only had a child to get that attention (good example Octo-Mom), so there maybe complications down the road with her child. Also, if she does not honestly address the truth about this problem she will have more questionable actions down the road. Lets all be honest about celeb problems. Take care, Kimmoreless

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    the insider is really great the work team of the show is:Pat O'Brien,Lara Spencer,Victoria Recaño,Steven Cojocaru,Thomas Roberts and Cheryl Woodcock.

    By bubbel_369, Dec 19, 2007

    the insider is a great show which make you know any thing you want for example celebrity news as Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant

    i think all of u should watch me myself watch to know anything i want to know it is really great place to get from it the news i think i know every thing because of it here are some ex(exampels) on what was said:Jessica Alba Pregnant With First Child:It's official! "The Insider" confirms that JESSICA ALBA is expecting her first child with long time boyfriend CASH WARREN.

    Alba and Warren met on the set of 'The Fantastic Four' and have been dating since the fall of 2004.

    The couple's baby is said to be due in late spring/early summer according to rep BRAD CAFARELLI.about the insider

    Our Emmy® Award-winning journalist and Insider co-anchor.

    (Lara Spencer)

    Our award-winning anchor begins his fourth season with The Insider!(Pat o Brien)

    (Victoria recano):Emmy® Award-winning Victoria Recaño serves as correspondent on "The Insider".

    hope you enjoy reading the review !!!moreless

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    I am so sick of Donny Osmond plugging his sister Marie on Dancing with The Stars.

    By fspymom, Nov 21, 2007

    Donny Osmond should realize that Dancing with The Stars is a dancing competition not a popularity contest. I am sick and tired of him bragging about his sister Marie every night on The Insider. It is shame that so soon after his father's death, that the entire family is on every channel of the TV promoting their upcoming tour. Whenever I turn on the TV, Donny's face is on every channel. Marie is no match for the remaining dancers on the show. It is time for her to get voted off. Then I would like to see what Donny has to say.moreless

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