The Invisible Man

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Quotes (131)

  • Casey: Come on, Darien. Darien: What? Casey: You're telling me that someone micro-grafted a synthetic bio-partition to your cerebral cortex. Do you know how lame that sounds? Darien: Yeah, of course, you know, when you say it like that.

  • Darien: My conscience was calling, and it was time to pick up the phone.

  • (about Arnaud) Darien: Why would you trust me? I could just make a deal with him. Official: Yeah, sure, you could. But will he give you what you're really looking for? Like, I don't know, justice? Darien: That is a crock of blatant manipulation. Official: Yeah. But as crocks of blatant manipulation go... (chuckling)'s pretty good.

  • Eberts: We believe your Arnaud De Thiel may very well be Arnaud De Fehrn. Darien: The Phone? Official: De Fehrn, his nom de guerre. It's Swiss German for "savage Alpine wind." Eberts: It also means "hair dryer."

  • Huiclov: The auction's in three days. What are you going to do? You're going to walk in empty-handed?(points to his stomach) "Oh, the disk is in here." Arnaud: My hands are never empty. Huiclov: Oh, no, there's too much blood on them.

  • Darien: Hey, wait, wait, wait. How the hell did you guys find me? What, you got, like, an Audubon Society spy satellite or something? Official: We staked out your girlfriend's hospital. Then we jumped you.

  • Darien: Who the hell are you? Eberts: Security prohibits him from giving his actual name, Mr. Fawkes. For now, you can simply call him "The Official."

  • (Darien remembers more of the trial) Bernstein: He tried to have his way with me. I can still feel his hands groping me! The bastard. I'm telling you, that son of a bitch robbed me of my manhood.

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Notes (44)

  • "Dr. Reginald Ramsey" was named after the central character's alias in "Ramses the Damned" by Anne Rice.

  • Originally aired as a single 2-hour movie.

  • The same magazine cover with Kevin's article has a headline that reads "Winning the Game of Rassilon." This is another Doctor Who reference - this game was seen in the episode "The Five Doctors."

  • The magazine cover about Kevin Fawkes has an article titled "Time And Relative Dimensions In Space". This is the meaning of the acronym TARDIS - the time machine found in the BBC series "Doctor Who."

  • The doctors in charge of Darien's operation are introduced as "Doctors Baker, McGann, Hartnell, and Troughton." These are the names of five of the actors (there were two Bakers) who played the Doctor on the BBC series "Doctor Who."

  • The business card that Darien and Hobbes each have half of bears the name "IM Foreman." This name was an alias of the Doctor in the BBC series "Doctor Who," or at least was the name of the guy who owned the junkyard where the Doctor could be found in the first episode of that series.

  • The ouroboros tattoo used to measure Darien is introduced in this episode.

  • Michael McCafferty did not appear in this episode.

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Trivia (58)

  • At 33:09 when the guard rushes into the lab and points his gun at Darien. Yet when the shot changes, to behind the guard, his arms are down at his side.

  • When Arnaud’s men shoots the three scientists, in the lab, the wire used to set off the blood packs is visible running up the leg of the man in the front left.

  • The gate Arnaud uses to let his team in, the gate is white on the outside, but it is black when they enter.

  • When Bobby and Darien escape in the taxi, they are in the middle of the city. Yet a second later, when the window is shot out, they are out in the desert.

  • When Arnaud said "For God's sake, will you speak!" the reflection of the boom-mic is visible, in the glass cabinet behind him.

  • When Charlie shows the bomb, the timer is set to two minutes but in the next shot, the timer is set to one minute.

  • When Darien steals The Offical's card, the picture is on the left side but in the next shot the picture is on the right side.

  • Darien removes the dictionary from the second shelf, but when he returns it to the same open slot among the books, it's now on the top shelf.

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Allusions (18)

  • Darien: Look, Hobbes, Hobbes, you wanna play James Bond, why don't you do it on your own time, okay? James Bond, also know as 007, is the famous fictional spy from the James Bond movies. He comes up against a multitude of international villains and faces life and death situations on a daily basis. The character has been portrayed by many actors, but the most famous one would have to be Sean Connery.

  • Liz: What do they keep in there, The X-Files? The X-Files was a 90s show about two FBI Agents that investigated cases, known as "X-Files", that involved aliens and other paranormal activities.

  • Sarah: I saw the movie Coma, I think he said. Coma is the 1978 movie where patients that go to the hospital for simple surgical procedures but end up in comas. A young doctor becomes suspicious by the number of occurrences and begins to investigate. She soon discovers the patients are being moved to a secret institute. Where she discovers them suspended by wires and being experimented on.

  • Bobby: The researcher I work for says Cheetah here needs to have been born in the wild. Cheetah was the name of Tarzan's companion chimpanzee in the originalTarzan movies.

  • Bobby: You try walking through those damn woods. It's like the last reel of The Blair Witch Project. The Blair Witch Project was a low budget suspense movie in 1999. The premise was three film students disappeared in the woods while making a documentary about The Blair Witch. A year later only their film was found.

  • The Official: Roger Moore
    Fawkes' fake ID to get into the Chinese embassy is in the name of "Roger Moore" - a nod of the head to the actor who played 007.

  • Title The title and much of the plot is in reference to "Flowers for Algernon," by Daniel Keyes.

  • Jones: Will you stop it with the Three Stooges act? The Three Stooges where a famous acting group of three brothers in the 1930s to the 1950s. They were well known for their slap-stick humor, along with their distinct hair styles.

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