Jack and Bob Hope In Vaudeville

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Quotes (2)

  • Bob: (trying to get past the receptionist) You don't understand, girlie. We do a vaudeville act. Receptionist: Really? Which one throws the fish?

  • Bob: (Jack jumps at the offer for a solo gig after giving a speech about them being a team) Jack, what about the team? The Partners? The Friends? The buddies? Jack: Look, Bob, I got to look out for myself. I'm not getting any older--I mean younger! Bob: Which way you gonna go?

Notes (1)

  • The vaudeville sketch was originally staged in the episode Hope And Benny In Agent's Office on 2/24/1957.

Trivia (1)

  • Goofs: Hope and Benny do much ad libbing that causes Jesse White to break up laughing. In the editing, there are several "jumps" from White laughing to him with a straight face launching into his next line.