Jack Goes Christmas Shopping

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Quotes (6)

  • Richard Deacon: (sarcastic clerk to Dennis Day) I wouldn't know. I'm standing behind this counter because, in a moment of wild enthusiasm, I sold my pants.

  • Salesman: Your father was scared of your mother? Dennis Day: Everybody's scared of my mother, when I was born the stork dropped me a block away from the house, good thing I knew the address.

  • Salesman: Here's a nice little garments, a genuine silk nightie. Jack: Oh it is nice...but what are the loops for? Salesman: 'Da loops? Jack: Yeah 'da loops, what are 'da loops for? Salesman: Oh that's for when you go to bed, you loop them over your toes and that way the nightgown don't creep up on you.

  • Jack: I wonder where the jewelry department is. Thief: It's that way. Jack: I hope they still have a nice selection.

  • Jack: I want to see a watch. Saleswoman: For a man, woman, or dog? Jack: Dog? Saleswoman: Well this is Beverly Hills. Jack: A woman, I don't know any dogs.

  • Jack: I don't want to duplicate anything, what did I give you for Christmas last year? Rochester: A brand new dollar bill...and a lecture on the evils of wine, women and song. Jack: Oh yeah, well that was a gag, I did that to make you laugh. Rochester: I wish you would've told me, I cried all night.

Notes (2)

  • This episode was originally staged on the episode Christmas Show airing 12/15/1957.

  • This Christmas shopping sketch was adapted from the 12/19/1948 episode of Jack Benny's radio series.

Trivia (1)

  • One of the poems Jack writes on the card for Don's gift: Your pear-shaped tone, many announcers ape, But no one can ape your pear-shaped shape.