Tall Cowboy Sketch

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Quotes (2)

  • Director: Clint Walker, I want you to meet Tex Morgan. (shakes hands with Jack who's pretending to be a cowboy named Tex Morgan) Clint: I can't say as I recognize the name, but there's somethin' mighty familiar about that spongy handshake.

  • Jack: (discussing writing his autobiography) It's hard to write an autobiography--an interesting one--if you've never experienced poverty. Now, like, it was hard for me to write it because I was never poor. My parents were, but I wasn't.

Notes (1)

  • The sketch with Jack wanting to play a western star's brother was originally staged in Gary Cooper Show on 9/21/1958.

Trivia (1)

  • Jack crawls out of the ballroom fight on his knees, saying he'd rather portray Toulouse-Lautrec in a film.