The Jack Paar Show

NBC (ended 1962)
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  • S 5 : Ep 240

    September 28, 1962

    Aired 9/28/62

  • S 5 : Ep 239

    September 27, 1962

    Aired 9/27/62

  • S 5 : Ep 238

    September 26, 1962

    Aired 9/26/62

  • S 5 : Ep 237

    September 25, 1962

    Aired 9/25/62

  • S 5 : Ep 236

    September 24, 1962

    Aired 9/24/62

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jack Paar


  • Dody Goodman


  • Franklin Pangborn

    Announcer (1957)

  • Hugh Downs


  • Skitch Henderson

    Bandleader (1962)

  • show Description
  • Tonight Starring Jack Paar began when Jack replaced Steve Allen as the show's host. The title changed to The Jack Paar Tonight Show, then the name was later changed to The Jack Paar Show. Jack's announcer at first was Franklin Pangborn but was replaced with Hugh Downs who remained with Paar for the rest of his tenure. Jack's old army buddy Jose Melis conducted the band and comedienne Dody Goodman became Jack's sidekick. Jack said of himself. "I'm complicated, sentimental, lovable, honest, loyal, decent, generous, likable, and lonely. My personality is not split, it's shredded." He brought a fresh approach and a wonderful interactive manner to his program involving all his guests.moreless

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    • Jack Paar: (after the standing ovation dies down). As I was saying, before I was interrupted ...(laughter)- When I walked out, I said 'There must be a better way of making of living.' Well, I've looked! And there isn't! Be it ever so humble, there's no place like Radio City.

    • Jack Paar: May I ask you, so that I don't look naive, a tough question right off the bat? John F. Kennedy: Whether I'm a Democrat or a Republican?

    • Jack Paar: (reading from a newspaper column that predicted he would change his mind): " 'There are times when he seems almost on the verge of shouting, 'I'm going to've done it, you've convinced me, I love you and I'm going to stay.' So there...that's what Mr. Humphreys wrote. And now with that I bid you... (whispers) goodbye." (Music plays, and message "No More to Come" appears on screen.)

    Notes (239)

    • Edith Adams (Edie Adams) didn't appear on the show as scheduled because her husband Ernie Kovacs told her not to, showing his loyalty to Steve Allen.

    • You can view Carol's performance HERE.

    • News item:
      Miss Maxwell's unabashed and unrehearsed honesty (the other night within earshot of the whole country, she called a certain party "a sewer rat") puts her high on the list of TV best interview bets She doesn't play easy to get however. "My dear." she said, "since my first appearance on Jack's show last week, I've had often from the beads of every major TV program. I simply laugh at them. I tell them I'm under contract to Jack, although I'm not really. We have a verbal agreement, and Jack — bless him—lets me be myself, say what I want What other show would take me on those terms. "Besides, I really enjoy being with Jack. I just tell those other people who want me for TV, to begin with I wouldn't enjoy you'."

    • Tonight starring Jack Paar was pre-empted on November 5, 1957 by Election returns.

    • Jack Paar will take a two-week break from The Tonight Show as of January 20th, 1958 with Jonathan Winters sitting in.

    • Diahann Carroll returns as a guest for the entire week.

    • Mrs. Georgianna Carhart was a regular panelist on the TV show "Life Begins at 80".

    • Clara Cedrone and Damian Mitchell were a 50's musical comedy act that appeared mainly in New York.

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    • The newspaper ad for the premiere emphasized the show would be "Fun!"- a quality which apparently had been lacking in the America After Dark shows of the previous six months.

    • Franklin Pangborn was the original announcer and sidekick. Pangborn was an old movie character actor who specialized in playing prissy bank-clerk types, and Paar thought audiences would find him amusing. Unfortunately, Pangborn was clueless without a script-at one point in the show Paar mentioned Pangborn had worked with W.C. Fields. Pangborn's response was to smile and nod his head. Within a short time Pangborn was replaced by Hugh Downs (who came over from the recently cancelled Home).

    • This was Geneviève's first appearance, she became a semi-regular after when the audience reacted to her mangling of the English language with big laughs.

    • Jack Paar heard about it, booked Carol Burnett on the "Tonight Show," and it created a frenzy.

    • Johnny Carson guest-hosts for Jack. Four years later, Carson would take over as the permanent host of the Tonight Show.

      After this appearance by Johnny Carson and years before Johnny Took over I was offered a contract to be the permanent host of the Tonight Show- Johnny was at as low as 2nd choice. My name is Bobby Dias , then also known as Kissing Bobby.

    • Comedian Paul Gilbert is the father of actress Melissa Gilbert.

    • Jack commits a faux pas in his opening remarks when he tells his Hawaiian audience the show is being taped in Honolulu for rebroadcast "back in the United States."

    • Ms. Streisand's network television debut.

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