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  • 8.5

    Witty Love and Adventures!

    By T_VFan, May 01, 2012

    Jamie was always chasing Fransesca. He always tried to woo her by singing. He eventually wins her over. But he was very very comedic. Great for comedy!

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  • 2.0

    A stereotypical and demeaning example of Black comedy. A modern example of unabashed blaxploitation.

    By antifrantik, May 11, 2011

    There's really not much one can say about this show, because honestly there isn't that much substance to it. The producers just seem to be content with throwing out Black sitcom stereotypes, make all the Black characters embody highly stereotypical mannerisms, and in doing so will hopefully garner a brain-dead Black audience. The show's recent pick-up by BET signifies that apparently these lowly tactics have proven to be successful, cuz if you're looking for a brain-dead Black audience, BET is the definate hotspot. Personally I find this show completely offensive to my intelligence and utterly unwatchable. Just don't get me started on the Wayan Bros.moreless

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  • 10

    What a con!

    By MrCleveland, Oct 19, 2008

    After having a guest leave and has her credit card maxed-out, she thought it would be a great idea to wet the floor so that she can get a room for free. Well, the guest sues Jamie and the workers at the hotel (with Ruth Buzzi as the Judge). The Guest makes herself even worse than she was before, but when they ask her to dance, she has egg on her face and when she actually does fall, Jamie and his staff won't help. It seems that Ms. Richburg cried wolf one too many times and now she is paying for it!moreless

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  • 9.0

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    By jessieholloway, Aug 08, 2008

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  • 10

    I just wanted to know why the Jamie Foxx show is not aired anymore....

    By kyleigh, Mar 31, 2007

    No matter how many times I watch The jamie Foxx show it is fall off the sofa funny... I really think that Jamie Foxx is better at making people laugh then he is at playing a cop in Miami Vice. It is most defenitly a 10. He is a all around funny guy...

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  • 10

    An Awesome show, funny, enertaining, and a great family show

    By Nick1323, Dec 16, 2006

    The Jamie Foxx Show is about Texas native Jamie King ( Jamie Foxx) that is an aspiring actor who heads to Hollywood in hopes to find fame and fortune in the entertainment industry. He works at his Aunt Helen (Ellia English) and Uncle Junior's (Garrett Morris) at the Los Angeles hotel, the King's Towers. On the job, he annoys co-worker Braxton P. Hartnabrig (Christopher B. Duncan), to the up-tight accountant, and tries to win the attention of gorgeous desk clerk, Francesca "Fancy" Monroe (Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon), who has made it clear that she is not interested in an office romance. Nevertheless, Jamie is determined to maintain his skills as an entertainer and move into the limelight.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Jamie Foxx is a trip. He be acting silly too. He plays Jamie King who moved with his Aunty and Uncle. They own a Hotel called Kings Tower. And Braxton and Fancy work at the hotel also. It be funny when Jamie be picking on Braxton..........................

    By jsamuels92, Oct 01, 2006

    Uncle Junior is funny too. He`s hilarious. WB cancelled this along with the Wayons Bros. for no reason. And I`m glad that BET have them both on their network. I`m glad that they released this show on dvd. But they never did release season two on dvd yet. I wonder when they`re gonna release season two on dvd.

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  • 6.9

    I don't think so

    By ez1jb, Aug 28, 2006

    On the few occasions I was forced to look at Jamie and Friends, I was rarely entertained. Although Jamie Foxx did make a few funny moments, the show itself was like Tv's version of straight to DVD. Like it was groomed for syndication on the WB. The 'best' part of this show was Jamie's joking relationship with his coworker in the hotel, Braxton. The way he'd comment on his bad breath and his corny attitude was kinda funny. I liked his Uncle on the show, Junior, better on Martin- but he was still pretty funny here. Decent show to look at in a pinch.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Basically, Jamie Foxx goes by Jamie King in this hilarious show of ingenious twists and mishaps at his uncle's hotel.

    By madeyoulook9699, Jun 05, 2006

    The Jamie Foxx Show is a very underrated, hilarious television show. The range of Jamie Foxx on this show is impeccable, and he could have gone anywhere with this series if it had not have been cancelled. Even his supporting characters were all somewhat accomplished actors with great roles in other movies. In the King's Hotel, the main set where most of the stortyline always starts, you get a homely feeling of love and a bond that only comfortable and established actors can achieve. Most of the issues and problems they encounter in the show come from one of the characters trying to help another, thus evolving this show's external shell of just another funny black sitcom to a classic in it's own right.moreless

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