The Jamie Foxx Show

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Quotes (4)

  • (Braxton and Jamie have just finished dancing to Michael Jackson's Beat It) Braxton: Who's bad? Jamie: You're bad!

  • Braxton: Back up, hangin with Mr. stupid.

  • Method Man: Cereal GIRL! I'm a killa! Redman:Hey that's my dog thought but watch the kid from the brick get busy! Jaime: The lyrics, the lyrics! Redman:Later for the afro puffs, I'm a honey comb man.

  • Nicole: Look Fancy Fancy: "Look Fancy" my ass Nicole. I'm 2 seconds off yours!

Notes (39)

  • Before being aired, this episode was advertised as a preview of the series, and not the premiere episode.

  • The show was WB's highest-rated series for the 1996-1997 season.

  • Jamie implies that Fancy's conceited date resembles "one of those soap opera guys." Shemar Moore is a regular on the day-time soap opera The Young and the Restless.

  • This is the final episode for Andy Berman.

  • Aunt Helen's maiden name is Helen Reese.

  • Jamie Foxx and Kelly Coffield previously worked together on In Living Color.

  • Tichina Arnold and Garrett Morris both starred on the FOX sitcom, "Martin."

  • Mary J. Blige and Jamie Foxx would later remake the song "Love Changes" for Jamie's "Unpredictable" CD.

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Trivia (8)

  • The song Jamie sings with Junior's friends (and on which Braxton later joins in as played over the closing credits) is Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) by The Temptations.

  • The song Junior sings with his friends is Daddy's Home by Shep and the Limelighters.

  • Ali Woodson, who appears as Arthur, is a member of the Temptations. He sings "Treat her like a lady".

  • Notice, when Braxton answers the question about the problem with the wheel was that it was square, keep your eyes on Jamie. After Mark Curry runs to the front, Jamie explodes in laughter and turns away from the camera.

  • Braxton does dance impressions of Latvian ballet star Mikhail Baryshnikov and Irish dancer Michael Flatley of Lord of the Dance. Jamie does a Pop-Lock dance routine followed by a break dance routine. Together they perform the main dance routine from Michael Jackson's video Beat It. Braxton even wears a red Michael Jackson jacket, sunglasses, and Michael Jackson glove.

  • In the begining Fancy said Jamie had squirrel skin rugs, but in the bloopers she said he had possum skin rugs

  • Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. were married in 1969 and are married currently.

  • In 4.9, we learn that Curtis' last name was Simms, but in this episode, it has been changed to Davis.

Allusions (14)

  • The character, Jackie Chin, is a reference to the Chinese actor, Jackie Chan. Also, the character of Ike Yee references movie director Spike Lee.

  • The character Stephen Queen was a reference to the popular horror writer Stephen King.

  • During the acting seminar, one of the actors tells Jamie he was in the movie "Vampire In Compton." This is a reference to the movie "Vampire In Brooklyn."

  • Jamie pretends to be a blind Ray Charles and sings a bit of "Georgia on My Mind".

  • In the opening scene, the agent is reading Billbox magazine, a fictional source for movie information. This is an reference to Billboard magazine, which reports music news.

  • Notice when E-Z said "You think this is In Living Color, don't ya you Boy!" It was a odd because Jamie was on In Living Color.

  • Passenger 187 The episode title is a parody of the 1992 film Passenger 57.

  • "Hangin with Mr. Stupid" When Braxton said Hanging with Mr. Stupid he was referring to "Hangin with Mr. Cooper" which stars Mark Curry.

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