The Jamie Kennedy Experiment

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Quotes (36)

  • From the "rapper" skit: "Barnes and Nizzoble" and "Starbizzucks."

  • From the casting skit, after Jamie asks the actor if he's okay with partial nudity: "It won't be a pickle your case a cucumber shot!"

  • Mobster: Who sent you here? Guy: Richie sent me here. Mobster: Richie sent you here? Mobster 2: This is what I'm talking about!!

  • From the birthday party skit: "There's dos teams of tres.......persons."

  • (From the court skit) Jamie: I have a new verdict.....You've been X-ed. Plaintiff: (frantically) What do you mean? What do you mean???

  • John, the "mark" in the FBI skit, talking to Jamie's character, repeating what is said to him through an earphone by an "FBI agent": A priest and a nun walk into a bar. The priest asks the bartender for a drink. The nun says, "I got your drink right here!"


    Brad Gluckman: I'm gonna wash my balls. I keep my balls tight.

  • Virginia Hamm: Elizabeth Taylor don't know P. Diddy from a new kitty!


    Bob Saget, to Jamie: You are some kind of weird, stalky, freak-ass guy.......

  • Jamie: (from the restaurant skit) What we do with our pasta, we use a light virgin olive oil. And once you taste it, you are a virgin no more!

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Notes (87)

  • The theme music is by Dweezil Zappa.

  • The show's eventual tagline, "You've been X-ed," was not uttered at all in this episode.

  • The writer's credits that are listed at the beginning of each episode are often wildly different from the writer's credits listed on the WB's website. In the spirit of compromise, the credits I'm using for the first season combine those of both sources.

  • Jamie premiered in his original time slot, Sunday at 8 PM. In terms of the WB's usual Sunday night performance, this episode was a ratings blockbuster. Not only was its 3.7 rating/5 share a full 66% improvement over the previous week's 8 PM time-slot offering (a new episode of Nikki) and a 42% improvement over its Steve Harvey Show lead-in, but an "encore presentation" at 9:30 retained 100% of the ratings from its Off Centre lead-in (2.6 rating/4 share). Sadly, Jamie never did this well in the ratings again.

  • The final skit marks the first time that the show's tagline "You've been X-ed" was delivered.

  • Instead of airing a new episode of Maybe It's Me as scheduled, the WB repeated this on Friday, January 25th, at 9:30 PM--perhaps to attract more viewers following JKX's second-week ratings drop.

  • For a moment at the end of the dating skit, Jamie reprises his "rapper" role (identified here as "Brad Gluckman") from the pilot.

  • JKX writer/producer Adam Small appears in the "firing" skit as the employee who refuses to let go--literally.

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Trivia (16)

  • The "FBI" skit proved too funny for even Jamie to handle. Notice how he keeps trying desperately not to break into hysterical laughter! Also, notice that he sounds like a frail old lady when he says, "Do you have steak?" It's hard to sound like a 31-year-old man when you're trying to suppress a huge laugh attack!

  • In the final skit, the mark's name is Brad. Jamie's "boyfriend" introduces him to Jamie's "wife" as such, but shortly afterwards, she addresses him as "Bart."

  • When Jamie tries to imitate Sean Maguire's accent, he asks if it was a good Australian accent--but Sean Maguire's British. A fellow TV Tome user tells me that Jamie made this "mistake" on purpose to try to agitate Sean; it can be an insult to mistake a British accent for an Australian accent, and by extension, to mistake a Briton for an Australian. Okay, I'll buy that, especially since Jamie was doing everything in his power to be, well, irritating.

  • During the first skit, Jamie's character "Ed" hassles Scott while "Kathy" is in the shower. At one point, "Ed" wants to call "Kathy" out, so he yells, "Joannah!"

    I'm pretty sure that Jamie goofed here. He probably meant to say "Kathy," but he yelled out the name of the actress instead. He then tried to cover his mistake by crying out, "Kathleen Joannah!"

  • In the massage skit, neither Jamie nor Joannah Portman can keep a straight face. Why would they need to? The mark can't see anything in his position.

  • In the "flower shop" skit, the boss' first name is Tony, but Jamie keeps calling him "Larry"! Moreover, it seems as if the boss' last name is just about anything beginning with "Ca"!

  • While Jamie is in character as the acting coach, he tells his students that he can get them "a two-line part on Saved By The Bell." Ha, ha, very funny, but that series' last incarnation, Saved By The Bell: The New Class, has been out of production since 1999. Is Jamie offering his students a chance to be on one of Bell's satirical rehashes on The Rerun Show?

  • During the courtroom skit, Jamie plays an audiotape of a conversation between "Niles" and his boss (Stephen Keys), after which Keys scolds Jamie for videotaping the conversation.

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