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    wow its still on

    By MikeSproessig, Oct 09, 2015

    how hasn't this racist show been canceled yet. that show is completely against white people.

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    By JohnBrown4046, Jul 03, 2015

    Why havent the Jeffersons been taken off the air like the dukes of hazzard. The dukes of hazard never had one racist word in it but George Jefferson clearly hated white people and called them honkeys.

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    Better then All In The Family And All of Norman Lear Other Shows.the best show ever on television the chemistry between Isabel Sanford and Sherman Hemsley is wonderful to watch on and off camra.

    By salois, Apr 26, 2007

    the greatest show of all time With the Greatest Characters Of all Time The chemistry Between Isabel Sanford And Sherman Hemsley is wonderful And You Can Tell they clicked off camra too,and the show Had The Best Supporting Cast Ever with The Willis,Florence who trade insult with George And Mother Jefferson who also trade insult with Louise and lionel and jenny jeffersons.

    A Must see For Any Body That Want Some Real Comedy,It Al Here the insult,wisecracks,Racial remarks,put downs and one liners and arguments in every episodes. The Jeffersons Have The Greatest Ensemble Cast Of All Time Period.moreless

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    This is an awesome show, funny and a great family show

    By Nick1323, Dec 16, 2006

    To bad this show ended it is really a good show. The Jeffersons is about George Jefferson (Sherman Hemsley), Louise Jefferson (Isabel Sanford), and their son Lionel that "move on up" into a spacious high rise apartment. George found success in a having his own dry cleaning business. Lionel was attending college and graduated in February 1976, and he married Jenny Willis in December of the same year and they had a daughter in 1979, Jessica Jefferson. Tom and Helen Willis were upstairs neighbors, also known as Jenny's parents and Florence Johnston was the Jefferson's sassy maid who was hired as a part-time maid in the first episode but in October 1976 moved in and became a full-time maid.moreless

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    By ANT890, Nov 05, 2006

    Funny thing, I never did see an episode of the Jeffersons before the year 2006. Then one night they were showing a marathon of it on Nick-at-Nite. It was both funny at times and intersting at times. My favorite episode in particular was when Louise slapped Lionel when he was talking smack to her about dropping out of school. I think that episode was both influential to both children and adults. I watch the show now on TV Land at 7:00 and 7:30 PM weekdays. My favorite characters were Florence and George. I liked Florence because she never let anyone take advantage of her and she was nice. I like george because he's just the short smart allecky guy, and I like that.moreless

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    A great classic sitcom, ahead of it's time in some ways. I'm glad it lasted as long as it did. This is one sitcom that's worth it.

    By KkMc7080, Oct 17, 2006

    The Jeffersons was a great sitcom dealing with many issues of the time. The Jeffersons aired before I was born, but I remember some of the later episodes. It was a show that probably started contraversy at first, being one of the few black shows on the air. Back then I'm sure it wasn't well received at first. I'm glad it lasted a long time, it was a sitcom that you could actually laugh at. It was your typical put down sitcom like a lot others are now days and even a decade or so ago. The Jeffersons is one sitcom I think everyone can agree with.moreless

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    Oh what can I say about the Jeffersons. A show about a couple who moved on up in the sky and got a piece of the pie.

    By charles64123, Oct 09, 2006

    This show was a great show and I really miss seeing it on television. I don't see it no more, and there are no channels that I know of that is showing it. This show thought us about life lessons and was funny at the same time. George Jefferson, was a mean, stubborn, and likeable character. He made us laugh, and sometimes he made us angry, but he still was one of a kind. His wife Lousie Jefferson was kind, loveable, funny, and beautiful. She knew how to get back at George and set him straight.

    Florence was a beauitful, funny, down to earth, and loveable maid. She cleaned and did what any maid would do, on her own time that is. There were many other great characters too like the Willis, Tom Willis and Helen Willis, and their daughter Jenny, who fell in love with the Jeffersons son Lionel.moreless

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    The Jeffersons is a series dealing with classicism, racism and how they can affect people on many levels. George and Louise Jefferson are an up and coming couple from Queens, New York who show a rare glimpse of how the other half lives.

    By TasForMayor, Oct 01, 2006

    George, Louise and Lionel Jefferson are a family on the rise. As a business owner, George Jefferson heads this family without grace and finesse but he brings home the bacon. Louise Jefferson volunteers for charity functions and generally seems to drift through life always dressed in casual elegance, replete with diamonds and boufant hair/wigs. Lionel makes appearances in the series, but early-on he's away at college and his actor changes part-way throught the series; kinda'a confusing. Mamma Jefferson is George's mom and always makes and entrance with either huffy annoyance or complete and total regality. Florence is the maidservant of the household and holds her owns up against the colorful cast. This is a good situational comedy; highly recommended.moreless

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    Funny And Well Written....

    By in-correct, Sep 04, 2006

    This is like The ONLY Show that I will watch that Norman Lear had anything to do with... There are other people that produced this show... Somebody named Mike Milligan, and Don Nicholl, Michael Ross, Bernie West, ( "Three's Company" Producers ) and Peter Casey and David Lee ( "Cheers" And "Wings" Producers ) And it is produced by TAT Communications and NRW Productions... ( Three's Company Producers are NRW and DLT ) "The Jeffersons" was on for 11 years!! It has over 200 Episodes... And it has an interesting theme song.. which I am still learning all the words to it... I have watched many episodes ( It has been on many times recently, and previously it wasn't even on TV Land, because "The Jeffersons" And "Good Times" episodes were recently syndicated... ) and they are very funny and very well written... It is set in New York, ( every other show is set there, ) but it is still a great show, and you can't find many shows ( especilly today's current shows ) that are as good as this one... George can be annoying, but he can also be very helpful. And It is funny when Louise, or Wheezie, says anything that she wants to, and it is very funny when they all have arguements... This is one of the best shows, and It is very recommended, and should have more spin offs or something... And if there are some spin offs, then I don't know about them...moreless

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