The Jeffersons

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Quotes (78)

  • Florence: This sure is a nice apartment. Louise: Why, thank you. Florence: Whoo-wee, look at the size of that kitchen. And I see you have a cook too. (eyeing Mother Jefferson in the kitchen)

  • Florence: Well how come we overcame and nobody told me?

  • George: This black history really is something, when I was in school, the only black history they had was Little Black Sambo and Black Beauty, a midget and a horse. Louise: Well George, I had a better education than you did, I went to all the Disney movies, and I learned about Briar Rabbit and Uncle Rhemus and Zippity Doo Dah.

  • Ward: Now listen, Lionel, in my day the Negros... Lionel: Blacks. Ward: Lionel, it took us a couple hundred years to go from niggers to coloreds, and 25 more years to go from coloreds to you'll have to excuse me if it takes me a while to get to black. And if it weren't for us Uncle Toms, young bloods like you wouldn't be around today.

  • Louise: I went and I talked to the Dean. Lionel: What did you have to go and do that for? Louise: Will you just LISTEN? I explained to him what happened and he's a very reasonable man, and he said it wasn't the first time he was flipped half a peace sign.

  • Ward: The original Uncle Tom was a slave named Josiah Henson who marched from Kentucky with his wife and children all the way to Canada, where they started a new life. George: How do you know that? Ward: I read, I listen, you could try that did you ever hear about the Underground Railroad? George: Yeah. Ward: Well Josiah helped over 100 slaves get to freedom before there ever was an Underground Railroad. And I'll tell you, George, you are NOT a man I would call Uncle Tom.

  • Louise: Remember when Natalie got the exterminator to come to the building? George: No. Louise: The landlord came for the rent and she gave him a rat, and he asked "Where's the rent?" and she said "In the rat, he ate everything".

  • Louise: Since we left, Roy says it's no fun singing duets by himself.

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Notes (552)

  • This episode was videotaped on December 13, 1974.

  • The original pilot of The Jeffersons aired as an episode of All in the Family called "The Jeffersons Move Up."

  • The series aired on Saturdays until November 1976.

  • Marla Gibbs makes her first of three guest appearances this season as Florence Johnston.

  • This episode was videotaped on January 07, 1975.

  • Berlinda Tolbert does not appear in this episode.

  • This episode was videotaped on December 22, 1974.

  • Belinda Tolbert does not appear in this episode.

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Trivia (45)

  • The song Lionel is singing at the beginning of the episode is Kool and the Gang's famous hit "Jungle Boogie."

  • George tells Mr. Bentley that Monk Davis has hustled him before - the day he and Louise got married. However, when Monk Davis shows up in George's apartment, he asks who the "pretty momma" is. How could he not know if he was there when they were married?

  • When Helen is dressing, watch the fancy pin on her green dress, it appears and disappears at times.

  • Probably a made-up headline from a made-up newspaper (Sunday News), the paper Louise is reading at the top of this episode has this as it's headline: "Find Twin Dogs Dead In Posh Pail." If you look closely, the design to the cover of Sunday News is reminiscent of the New York Daily News cover. The writers of this episode were probably just poking fun at the absurd headlines you often will find on a newspaper in New York.

  • Throughout the whole episode, the living room balcony door is either open a crack or completely shut without seeing anyone having the time to open/shut it.

  • The entire cast of the Jeffersons appeared on the front cover of the October 23, 1975 issue of Jet Magazine which was two days before this episode was aired on CBS.

  • The outfits that the Sherman Hemsley, Isabel Sanford, and Zara Cully wear in this episode are the same exact outfits they would wear when featured on the front cover of the January 1976 issue of Ebony Magazine which was a month after the airing of this episode.

  • Tom and Helen challenge George to name one friend he has, and he can't think of anybody. Apparently he's forgetting all about Roy Simms, his good buddy from Harlem who appeared in "Former Neighbors" in the previous season. How could George forget about him?

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Allusions (16)

  • The episode name is also the same name of the 1960s music group Jefferson Airplane.

  • In this episode, Louise and George talk about Rosie Greer's hobby of needlepointing. Rosie Greer was a star National Football League defensive lineman for the New York Giants and Los Angeles Rams. Greer is also credited with disarming Sirhan Sirhan in the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. The fact that such a large and ferocious man would take up needlepointing was humorous to many in the United States.

  • Helen calls George "Snoopy" in this episode while he is wearing his pilot goggles and hat. It is a reference to Charles Schultz's Charlie Brown cartoon, where the dog Snoopy would sit on his doghouse in hat and goggles and pretend to be a world war I flying ace.

  • Early in this episode Louise says Raymond is "just a baby." George responds by saying "Yeah, Rosemary's baby!" George is referring to the 1965 movie Rosemary's Baby directed by Roman Polanski in which a young woman, played by Mia Farrow, gives birth to a baby that was actually fathered by Satan.

  • At the help center, the "thief" tells Alan Willis that he doesn't look like a cop but then neither does "Columbo". Columbo was a famous homicide detective character on a 1970's TV show. Overhearing the conversation, the man trying on coats mentions that he wants a "raincoat". This is in reference to Columbo's trademark old raincoat that he wore during investigations.

  • In his dream flash forward to 1996, George discovers that the U.S. President that year is Amy Carter (the daughter of Jimmy Carter, who was president at the time of this episode's filming). However, Amy Carter would have only been 29 years old in 1996 and not yet constitutionally eligible to run for President. George must have dreamed a constitutional amendment also!!!!

  • In order to sway Billy Dee Williams to his apartment, George pretends he is author Alex Haley. Alex Haley wrote the book entitled "Roots" which became one of the most-watched TV Mini-Series of all time. The mini-series aired about a year prior to this episode.

  • George Jefferson says to Louise "Like who, The Seven Dwarfs?" George was talking about Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs. The Seven Dwarfs lives in a house in the woods and Snow White takes care of them. There was a animated Disney film Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs in 1937.

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