The Jerry Springer Show

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  • The Jerry Springer Show: Look at this! This is no place for a dog to live Quote by Steve security

  • The Jerry Springer Show: We can't just have mainstream behavior on television in a free society, we have to make sure we see the whole panorama of human behavior. Quote by Jerry Springer

  • The Jerry springer Show: You know, I've met some real scumbags, but you've gotta be the lowest of the low. Quote from Steve Security

  • The Jerry Springer Show: Jerry was born in London England in 1944

  • Crowd:(when people start fighting)"Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!"

  • I'm taking her out of this rat trap, and there's not a damn thing you're gonna do about it. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? Quote from steve security

  • I'm Steve, and I'm here to help. Anything you need, anywhere you are. Quote from Steve Secerity

  • To a woman's abusive boyfriend, If I have to carry her out because she's too weak to walk, then I will carry her out. And you won't get in the way, or I'm gonna have to carry you out. And you're not gonna like that. Quote from Steve security

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Notes (2)

  • Strangely enough, this episode was aired in Season 15 title "Steve vs. Bad Dads". This Season 16 rendition has the new intro that all Season 16 episodes have as well as a new name ("Bad Fathers Confront Steve!"), but there doesn't appear to be any change in the content of the show! The only difference is the ending which has Todd getting a lie detector test and the show is dedicated to Ernie Rizzo, one of the testers. He was a detective who recently passed away.

  • This is basically a clip show of Jerry Springer's Hedonism II in Jamaica. The only difference is Todd, Tony, Reverend Shnorr, and Gabe are the comedic hosts trying to take it easy at the beach in the middle of winter.

Trivia (12)

  • In 2006 the Jerry springer show was signed for 7 more years.

  • On January 17 2005 ,Springer on the radio bagan.

  • In 2005 there was U.k. version of the show .Which air on channel ITV1 entitled ,the springer show.

  • The Jerry Springer show celebrated its 1000 episode may 1996

  • The Jerry Springer show is seen in 30 foreign countries

  • The Jerry Springer show is seen in 130 U.S. markets.

  • Jerry Springer show launched Sept 30 1991.

  • In 1996 they resigned the show for 6 more years.

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