The Jetsons

ABC (ended 1987)
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  • S 4 : Ep 3

    Jetsons: The Movie

    Aired 7/6/90

  • S 4 : Ep 2

    Rockin' with Judy Jetson

    Aired 9/15/88

  • S 4 : Ep 1

    The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones

    Aired 11/9/87

  • S 3 : Ep 10

    Spacely for a Day

    Aired 10/27/87

  • S 3 : Ep 9

    Two Many Georges

    Aired 10/20/87

  • Cast & Crew
  • George O'Hanlon

    George Jetson

  • Penny Singleton

    Jane Jetson

  • Janet Waldo

    Judy Jetson

  • Daws Butler

    Elroy Jetson / Henry Orbit / W.C. Cogswell / Additional Voices

  • Don Messick

    Astro / Mac / R.U.D.I. / Uniblab / Additional Voices

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  • show Description
  • With the success of The Flintstones, the modern Stone Age family, Hanna-Barbera decided to make a similar family cartoon, but set in their vision of the Space Age in the 21st century. This new series that debuted September 23, 1962 became The Jetsons. Set mainly in sky-high Orbit City, the show featured the family of George Jetson, Jane, his wife, their daughter Judy, and son Elroy living the average life in the future with flying space cars, instant transport tubes, and various robots and gadgets than can get their work done for them in a matter of seconds.George brought in the family income by working at Spacely Space Sprockets, run by his stocky, ill-tempered boss Cosmo Spacely, who's usually quick to fire George for any reason he could find. But somehow, he always managed to get his job back and continue supporting his family. He works as an indexer and is teamed with his helpful computer R.U.D.I. Other than the threats of firing by Spacely, George would also have to worry about any schemes carried out by Mr. Spacely's top business rival W.C. Cogswell, owner and president of Cogswell Cogs. If there's a dispute between the two businessmen, it's almost certain George would wind up in the middle of it. Most times, though, things always worked out in the end.Jane is the housewife who tends to the home, but loves to shop for the latest fashions and various items that can be a help to the family, like new gadgets that can help them in new ways. She's assisted by the family's robot maid Rosey (which can also be spelled Rosie). She's one of the older-fashioned models compared to most of the advanced robot maids of the future, but the Jetsons love her and regard her as a member of the family.Judy is the Jetsons' teenage daughter who attends Orbit High School and goes for the latest teen fashions, trends, and music, and seems to have a different boyfriend in most episodes. If she's lucky, she can even wind up dating a celebrity, like her favorite rock star Jet Screamer, much to her father's chagrin.Elroy is the Jetsons' genius son who attends Little Dipper Elementary School and is a straight-A student. He's a part-time inventor and can make new creations in hope to make a better future, and if fortunate, a little money on the side. But most times, he likes to be an average boy by playing various sports, and with his faithful companion, the family's dog Astro, who at times is overly affectionate, and can annoy George at times. But like Rosey, he's regarded as a member of the family.The Jetsons reside at the Skypad Apartments, which are properly cared for by superintendant Henry Orbit, who like Elroy is a mechanical genius. At times, he can invent gadgets that can help him with his maintenance work. His greatest accomplishment is his robot assistant Mac, who can get his work at the Skypad Apartments done in half the time. But he does have feelings for Rosey as the two are occasionally seen as a couple, but are mainly friends.Other recurring characters in this series include Mr. Spacely's family, particularly his wife Stella (sometimes called Petunia, likely her nickname), one of few people who can actually put a scare in him if he rubs her the wrong way. And they have a young son close to Elroy's age named Arthur. Common characters at Spacely Sprockets are Uniblab, an underling robot who at times is a stool pigeon for Mr. Spacely to George's dismay, as well as Spacely's secretary Miss Galaxy. Cogswell also had a few subordinates of his own. Among them were his assistant Harlan and his scientist Moonstone.The Jetsons ran for only one season on ABC, but the series was more successful in syndication. This led to a revival in 1985 with new episodes with more advanced animation that was richer in color and made the series even more futuristic than the 1960's version of the 21st century. New characters were introduced as well, including a new alien gremlin pet for the Jetsons, named Orbitty, who has springlike legs and suction cup feet, enabling him to hang upside down. He could also tinker with machines and change color in accordance to emotion. Another new animal for the revival was a robot dog for Cogwell named Sentro, who served as a guard dog and a spy often used against Mr. Spacely in efforts to beat him to the punch on his latest projects.These episodes aired in syndication, which generated the same level of success as the originals when they went in that direction. This led to 10 more episodes to finalize the series in 1987, as well as two TV movies, the music-themed Rockin' with Judy Jetson, which was preceded by the epic crossover The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones, which brought the Space Age and the Stone Age together as Hanna-Barbera's most famous families had a grand adventure spanning two eras. The Jetsons had its true finale when Jetsons: The Movie hit the theaters in 1990, as this would be among the last voice work for actors George O'Hanlon (George Jetson) and Mel Blanc (Mr. Spacely) for they both had died just prior to the movie's release.Overall, The Jetsons may not have had the supreme popularity of The Flintstones, but it did have a wide appeal for families of any generation and certainly had a place in the heart for those who would turn on and watch the series.The Jetsons, like many Hanna-Barbera series, can be seen on Boomerang from Cartoon Network. Check your local listings. And the majority of the series can be seen on DVD, so it would be a good means to build your cartoon collection.moreless

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  • Quotes (52)

    • (After she finishes preparing dinner and sets the table) Rosey: Come and get it! Spacely: What's that? George: (chuckles nervously) That's the dinner bell. Spacely: A dinner bell that goes "Come and get it"?!?

    • (During Judy's Jet Screamer party) George: You call that music? Jane: And George, when you play your drums, Judy doesn't call that music. So you're even. George: Oh, yeah? I'll take the drums every time. Jane: Where are you going? George: Down to the corner to get some bananas. Jane: But you don't eat bananas. George: I'm not gonna eat them. I'm gonna stuff them in my (drops down the tube) EAAAAAARRRSSS!!!

    • (After Judy leaves on her date) Jane: Well, there they go. George: Yeah, our little Judy with a guy we don't know anything about. Jane: Oh, what's to get excited about? George: What's to get excited about?!? You know the old saying: "When danger threatens the young, doth not the mother eagle bare her claws?" Jane: An eagle? You're acting more like a cuckoo bird. George, now where are you going? George: My daughter's gonna have a chaperone whether she likes it or (drops down the tube again) NOOOOOOTTT!!!

    • (Imitating Jet Screamer's spin entry) George: Baby, baby, baby! Oh, oh, oh! Your daddy's home, and he's the star of the show! Oh, oh, oh! Oh, oh, oh! Jane: George, what's going o-o-on? Judy: Mother, you are looking at the new president of the Jet Screamer Fan Club.

    • (George is asleep at the start of the episode, snoring away) Computer Voice: George Jetson? George Jetson? Time to get up, sir. (George doesn't respond, he just keeps snoring away) Computer Voice: George Jetson? George Jetson? Time to get up. (At last, but ever so slightly, George stirs awake and mutters, but goes back to sleep again. A mechanical arm reaches out and taps him on the head. He awakens a bit more) Computer Voice: Mr. Jetson, sir, time for us to get up, sir. Up, up, up, up, up, up, up. George: (groggily) Okay, okay. (He turns from his position in the bed and sits on the bed, then yawns and falls back asleep) Computer Voice: All right, sir, we'll do it the hard way. (A trumpet pops out of the wall and blasts a loud note right next to George's ear. Now fully awake, George leaps to the ceiling and clings there like a cat) Computer Voice: And have a good day, sir.

    • Reporter: In a moment, 200 tons of force will crash down on him, and does he care?
      George: Uh-uh! (the pile driver smashes the boulder that's placed on top of the life jack he's wearing, crumbling it to pieces, leaving him unscathed)
      Spacely: How was it, Jetson?
      George: This is the first time I've had a jacket pressed while I was wearing it.

    • Spacely: Ready for the thermoelectric resistance test?
      George: (strapped to a chair) Ready!
      Professor Lunar: Wait, wait! (hands George a long fork with a hot dog wiener attached) Hold this while I throw the switch (zaps him with electricity) Whoopee! I say, it's a success!
      George: What's this for?
      Professor Lunar: (taking back the fork with wiener) For lunch. What else?

    • George: Now hear this! Everything--Everything you all bought goes back to the store.
      Jane: But George, you said our ship had come in.
      George: It sunk!

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    Notes (57)

    • This is the series pilot.

    • Unlike most shows, this episode was not written by the creator (s).

    • Janet Waldo began as a voiceover actor as Judy Jetson in this episode.

    • George's middle initial is J.

    • George is talented with the drums and gets to show it off in this episode.

    • The Jet Screamer spin entry sound effect was regularly used on the Winsome Witch shorts of The Secret Squirrel Show, occuring every time she uses her magic and says "Ippedty, pippedty, POW!" The sound effect was also used on one of the last Hanna-Barbera logos seen at the end of various HB shows. It was the animated rectangular logo that featured several All-Stars streaking across from Fred, Barney, and Dino (The Flintstones), George and Elroy Jetson, Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw (in his guise of El Kabong) and Scooby-Doo.

    • The song "Eep-Opp-Ork-Ah-Ah" (That Means I Love You) is performed.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of the Skypad Apartments superintendant Henry Orbit.

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    Trivia (80)

    • Goof: Early in the episode, a closeup shot shows Jane with sleeves on her dress, but it usually has none.

    • Goof: The final scene is set in the evening when the family is about to settle in for the night, but a shot by the window briefly shows a day sky.

    • Goof: At the end, when Judy returns home and Jane asks her if she had a good time, her purple stockings are missing as she's briefly bare-legged.

    • On a Yogi's Galaxy Goof-Ups episode titled Purloined Princess, the song heard at the discoteque was a disco version of the Jet Screamer hit, "Eep-Opp-Ork-Ah-Ah".

    • Goof: During the conversation on the visaphone, a closeup on Elroy shows the sleeve of his scout uniform missing.

    • Goof: Toward the end, Mr. Spacely is addressed as Cosmo Q. Spacely. But in Jetson's Nite Out, his middle initial was G.

    • Goof: Toward the end of the scene when George aspires for riches for the family after trying out the flying pills, Elroy's collar is colored white instead of red.

    • Goof: During the bungled tests of the flying suit, a sleeve on Cogswell's outfit is missing.

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    Allusions (19)

    • The Indianapolis 500
      A futuristic version of this race is referred to as the Indianapolis 500,000.

    • Screen Gems The Space Gems TV studio is a play on the former television division of Columbia Pictures. At the time, they distributed many Hanna-Barbera shows, including The Jetsons.

    • Title pun: TV or Not TV The episode title is a spoof of the famous William Shakespeare quote 'To be or not to be, that is the question.'

    • This game show in this episode is loosely based on two long-running TV game shows, Family Feud and Let's Make a Deal.

    • Title Pun: Parody of M.A.S.H. But story and plot of this episode have no direct relation to that TV series.

    • The Wrong Stuff: Mock title of the movie The Right Stuff.

    • Gong with the Solar Wind: Mock title version of the movie Gone with the Wind.

    • The title of this episode is a parody of the movie Dog Day Afternoon (1975).

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