Test Pilot

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Quotes (4)

  • Reporter: In a moment, 200 tons of force will crash down on him, and does he care?
    George: Uh-uh! (the pile driver smashes the boulder that's placed on top of the life jack he's wearing, crumbling it to pieces, leaving him unscathed)
    Spacely: How was it, Jetson?
    George: This is the first time I've had a jacket pressed while I was wearing it.

  • Spacely: Ready for the thermoelectric resistance test?
    George: (strapped to a chair) Ready!
    Professor Lunar: Wait, wait! (hands George a long fork with a hot dog wiener attached) Hold this while I throw the switch (zaps him with electricity) Whoopee! I say, it's a success!
    George: What's this for?
    Professor Lunar: (taking back the fork with wiener) For lunch. What else?

  • George: Now hear this! Everything--Everything you all bought goes back to the store.
    Jane: But George, you said our ship had come in.
    George: It sunk!

  • Spacely: Jetson, where are you going?
    George: To Cogswell Cogs to see about a job.
    Spacely: You mean you'd work for Cogswell after all this? You'd forget your pride and go crawling to him for a job? You'd do that for a few measly dollars a week?
    George: Uh-huh! (runs out)
    Spacely: Wait for me, Jetson! I'll go with you! (also runs off)

Trivia (1)

  • Goof: When George is lying down with a boulder on top of him for the pressure test, a couple of faraway shots show his sleeves the same color as the life jacket. This is also seen when the French TV reporter is holding a picture of him.