The Jim Henson Hour

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    During a time when the muppeteers from productions like the Muppet Show and Sesame Street begin to split, this was one the many shows that formed, it showed one thing, the man behind everyone's favorite frog!

    By Soulwoman, Dec 07, 2008

    People who've know nothing about the muppeteers would probably think who Jim Henson is when first wathing. But they'd love his personality all the same. People who are aware of the muppeteers are ready for his new produtions whatever muppets they will have. In Jim's show, he brings back old favorites and new ones as well. Sadly the new ones for the most part had no future. Many good muppeteers (Karen Prell, Richard Hunt) that should have appeared didn't because of other obligations wih is a mild dissapointment and the muppets don't get as much screentime as one might like, but any muppet fan will appreciate seeing the man behind it all on thier TV screen.moreless

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