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  • Welcome to The Joe Schmo Show guide. Season Two: Two people, looking for love in all the wrong places. But nothing could be more wrong than this. Meet Tim Walsh and Amanda Naughton. Two real people, in search of romance on a reality show that they don't know is fake. In a parody of reality-romance programs, the two new marks believe they are on a program called Last Chance for Love. What they don't know is that they have actually been cast and Joe and Jane Schmo and they are the only real people on program filled with actors and actresses. They're once again playing reality-show stereotypes, such as the Gotta-Be Gay Guy and The Weeper. Familiar parody-elements return including ridiculous competitions and over-dramatized eviction ceremonies - the "Pearl Necklace" and "Flame of Love" ceremonies. And given the type of show, it wouldn't be complete without "shocking" twists - this time in the form of the Falcon Twist, perhaps a parody of the apple of Eden. Also present is host Ralph Garman, returning in disguise as Derek Newcastle, the "pompous but randy British host." In the fourth episode, things took a twist when the producers revealed to the original Jane Schmo, Ingrid, what she had suspected all along: the program was fake and the only other real person on it was Joe Schmo, Tim Walsh. She was then asked to join the show as one of the actresses in exchange for $100,000. Following another Falcon Twist, Amanda was added as the new Jane Schmo. The second season of The Joe Schmo Show has come to an end. Tim and Amanda learned the truth about their experience and seemed to take it in good spirits. It seems that the crew of the show has moved on to other things, including the 2005 SpikeTV "reality miniseries" Invasion Iowa. Season One: How will it end? When will he know? They're all actors working from a script, but he thinks it's real. Matt Kennedy Gould signed up for what he thought was a reality show called Lap of Luxury. This program has all the trappings of a reality show, from challenges such as "Pampering Competitions" (reward challenges) to an "eviction ceremony" and reality-show stereotypes such as "The Grizzled Veteran" and "The Gay Guy." It's set in a luxurious mansion and seems like it should be a great time, but there's something important that Matt doesn't know... he's the only real competitor and the others are all paid actors striving to make him crazy. The prize is $100,000, but can Matt, or rather "Joe Schmo," survive long enough to cash in without losing his mind? In the stunning finale, Joe learned that the program was a fake and he was the winner of all the prizes on the show, including the $100,000 grand prize. An attempt was made to revive these episodes in repeats as Mo' Joe Schmo Show, but this flopped and was pulled from the airwaves. The entire first season is now available, uncensored and with many special features, on DVD.moreless

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  • S 3 : Ep 10

    The Reveal

    Aired 3/5/13

  • S 3 : Ep 9

    The Rise Of The Lamas

    Aired 2/26/13

  • S 3 : Ep 8

    Fear No Evil

    Aired 2/19/13

  • S 3 : Ep 7

    Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?

    Aired 2/12/13

  • S 3 : Ep 6

    An Actor Among Us!

    Aired 2/5/13

  • Cast & Crew
  • Chase Rogan

    Himself, the Schmo

  • Ralph Garman

    The Smarmy Host (Season 1), Derek Newcastle (Season 2), Jake Montrose (Season 3)

  • Lorenzo Lamas


  • Michael Weaver

    Randy, the Asshole

  • Nikki McKenzie

    Allison, the Over-Achieving Asian

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    • Matt: If I win, believe me, getting that money will change my place in life.

    • Matt: Show and tell was a wonderful idea. I couldn't think of a better way to, you know, learn something more about a person.

    • Matt: I can honestly say it's just frusturating with Hutch sometimes because he crosses lines.

    • Ashleigh: Matt gets up there, oh my gosh, he's in, like he's really gonna play this. He's gonna play every single game, like then, there was no doubt in my mind that anything that had been written, he was gonna do.

    • Lance Krall: ("Kip," in an interview segment) I hope you don't punch me in the face when you find out that your "gay" friend is not gay.

    • Matt: I'm here with an ex-marine psycho and some marriage counselor who's been married three times.

    • Matt: Ralph, the host-- I was thinking, like, "God, this guy's a little bit of a tool" at first, the way he was just stiff and stern, you know?

    • Hutch: When else do you get to be in character 24 hours a day and it's kind of a fantasy.

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    Notes (88)

    • During the original run of the show, interview segments with Matt often featured the tag: "Matt Thinks It's All Real." This tag is left intact for Mo' Joe Schmo Show but during the new interview segments with Matt shown before going to commercials, the tag reads "Mo' JOE SCHMO MATT KNOWS."

    • Information revealed by Matt in the Mo' Joe Schmo Show version of this episode: The castmates arriving at the show at the limo was only for show, he at least spent most of the trip to the mansion in a normal car. Kip was not actually naked during the Pampering Competition. Says Matt of this: "That's Hollywood." Matt didn't think that Kip's thong was actually all that uncomfortable and, per the rules, he slept in it. Matt thought that Hutch was irritating, but he also "cracked him up." There was too much salad at the dinners for Matt's taste. Matt says that looking back, he's really impressed with Dr. Pat's (Kristen Wiig's) acting. Matt still doesn't understand why Ashleigh, the supposed bitch, gave out the bracelets. Matt later learned that the name of the President of SpikeTV is Albie Hecht, seemingly confirming that the name of Brian's doll is a reference. The editors reversed a Kip of shot when he was eating.

    • SpikeTV added commentary from Matt Kennedy Gould to the series, and aired this new footage during the repeat of the first hour of this episode on November 11, and the second hour on November 18. These repeats were billed as as Mo' Joe Schmo Show. Commentary segments were shown at the top of the show and before going to commercial breaks in place of the original "coming up next" segments. Additionally, there were popup notes throughout the episode with Matt's comments.

    • Following the original run of the series, Spike TV split the premiere episode into two parts and coded them as 001 and 002. They are now listed as two episodes in this guide. 001 ended at the point at which Matt commented on who he wanted to the end of the game with him and a new promo segment for the next episode was created.

    • When asked, Ashleigh said that she would go to Fiji if she won the money. Fiji was the dream destination of the character Truman Burbank in The Truman Show. In this movie, Truman had no idea that his entire life was being continuously broadcast on television and that everyone he knew, including his friends and family, were simply actors and actresses.

    • When Ralph narrates that Brian Keith Etheridge is on the show "both acting and writing," close-captioning reads "both acting and story producing." This mistake is corrected in the Mo' Joe Schmo Show version of the episode.

    • First half of the two-hour season premiere.

    • During the dinner segment, the music piece playing in the background is strains of "The Execution" from The Mole. Stone Stanley Productions also created The Mole, so this makes sense.

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    Trivia (8)

    • When Ralph is telling Gina that it's time to leave and that the house has voted, close-captioning incorrectly gives his name as "Frank."

    • During the dinner segment before the last commercial break, close-captioning ran a bit ahead of the audio.

    • When Hutch says "FYI, I pissed in the whirlpool last night," close-captioning reads "FYI, screw you people."

    • During the closing credits, there was a song about the show, but a large portion of it couldn't be heard, at least on the original broadcast because Spike TV chose to play a promo for CSI over top of it. Nevertheless, close-captioning revealed the lyrics to the song. Future rebroadcasts were also "promoed-over." The song can be heard in its entirety on the uncensored DVD.

    • When the actor who played Molly's boyfriend gave his name to Matt, close-captioning read "Ryan Raddis," but the correct spelling is Ryan Raddatz.

    • After the point at which Cammy begins talking about being in the sex video, the close-caption feed on the original brodacast cuts out and remains out for the rest of the program.

    • When the flashback of the scene in which executive producer Anthony Ross tells everyone that the frog is dead plays, close-captioning credits the line to Sean. (Sean Travis, director, apparently)

    • When T.J. says "I was embarrassed that I had just fake shit," close-captioning reads "fake (bleep)" as if they had meant to censor it.

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    Allusions (23)

    • Derek: This is the final pearl necklace.
      This line is a parody of "This is the final rose of the evening." from The Bachelor.

    • Ingrid: I thought I was on like, "The Truman Show."
      "The Truman Show" was a movie which featured Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank. Truman was the only real person on a television show that aired 24/7. He had been "adopted" by the show from birth and raised to believe that everything that was happening around him was real, when in fact all of his family and his friends were actors and almost all of their actions scripted.

    • Ingrid: I thought maybe at that point that I was on Candid Camera.
      Candid Camera is a popular program originally created by Allen Funt, and now hosted by his son Peter Funt. Episodes air currently on the PAX television network. In it, ordinary people are placed in comedic situations (such as watching a car split in two, or being told to speak to a "hearing-ear" dog) and then told "Smile, you're on Candid Camera." However, nobody on Candid Camera has ever been placed in such an extended situation, like the one on this show.

    • In a deleted scene available only on the 2009 DVD release, Bryce states that he works as a bike messenger for a courier service. This was the stated profession of Puck, an obnoxious character on MTV's The Real World.

    • Derek: You may have noticed some odd behavior...
      The fax-machine tasks were a parody of Meet My Folks, in which contestants had to perform tasks designated via faxes or else be punished by having secrets revealed.

    • Ralph/Derek: Omarosa -- Ambrosia -- do you have any parting gifts? Excuse me, parting words?
      "Derek" addresses Ambrosia as Omarosa because she is crying and about to make a scene when Austin evicts her. This spoofs an event from the first season of The Apprentice, when Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth acted up because Donald Trump fired her -- an event which VH-1 ranked fifth among the 40 Greatest Moments in Reality TV. Of course, had they not been about to reveal to Ingrid that the show was fake, this moment wouldn't have happened.

    • Ralph/Derek: Meet David. He is licensed in 38 states and Guam to administer lie-detector tests.
      The lie detector gag is based on the scene in "Meet the Parents" when DeNiro subjects his prospective son-in-law Ben Stiller to a polygraph test. It is also a reference to the former NBC reality show Meet My Folks, where lie detector tests were done on potential dates of a couple's child.

    • Rhett: Ingrid is ready for her close-up.
      "I'm ready for my close-up" is a popular catchphrase that first came into the public consciousness in the 1950 flick Sunset Boulevard.

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