The Joy of Painting

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  • 9.5

    He makes it look so easy!

    By T_VFan, May 01, 2012

    He likes to paint lots of scenery during his lessons. Bob is my artistic hero!

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  • 5.5

    Painting show. The techniques are fascinating.

    By 1angelette, Oct 04, 2008

    Saw this once on one of the DTV PBS networks. It is a fairly interesting show for something about painting. The process of how he paints is very relaxing to watch and manages to be engaging enough. Happy little trees, by the way, completely are win, both as a level title as well as how they're named. He just sounds so cheery and joyful, making EVERYTHING happy and little. How he always gets such a great end result painting over the course of about an hour is very impressive, but I don't really feel like watching this show again. It's just a bit of a time-waster in the end.moreless

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    Friendly host introduces one and all to the craft and hobby of painting.

    By Lokar, Jun 28, 2006

    How do you go from being able to appreciate art to being able to create it?

    The amiable Bob Ross showed you, in half-hour segments packed with simple but effective instructions.

    Bob could make anyone willing to try into a capable painter. All you had to do was fill up a pallette, set up a clean canvas and follow his guidelines. Turn your thick brush sideways and press it down to make the branches of pine trees. Lean your exacto knife at an angle and slide to make the roof of a barn. It wasn't as difficult as it first looked.

    Much of the fun to be had was in listening to Bob's pleasantly rambling narration. He'd tell stories of anything from his grandma to his military days. The show was like briefly stepping into another world where you could learn not only a new way to do things, but a different way to think about them as well.

    Local public stations still run this show on occasion. Set your recorder. It's worth it.moreless

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