The Jury

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Quotes (4)

  • Hawthorne: Mr. Raul Hernandez?
    : Yo!
    Hawthorne: 'Yo?' Is that supposed to be short for 'Yo Honor'?

  • Hawthorne: This is capital murder. I would show them porn if I thought it would help.

  • O'Brien: The first thing the defense is going to ask is why did you wait four months to come forward as an eyewitness. I need you to be honest.
    : Well, that was during one of my miscellaneous periods.

  • Cisneros: I'm your office intern. My professors have clearly instructed us interns are not allowed opinions.
    : Uh-huh. Fordham Law ... spare me.

Notes (4)

  • Adam Busch ("Steve") sings a couple of verses from Bobby Conn's "Home Sweet Home."

  • Tom Fontana imported both the guest stars and the prison set in this episode from Oz, his previous series.

  • It's all relative: Sam Levinson is the son of Barry Levinson and Drena De Niro is the stepdaughter of Robert De Niro.

  • FOX cancelled The Jury because it had dismal ratings on both Tuesday and Friday night.

Trivia (1)

  • Since the defendant allegedly solicited murder in the casino on an Indian reservation, this crime would have been in the jurisdiction of the tribal leadership, or if they declined to handle it (which they usually would), the federal government. It wouldn't have gone to a state court.