Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy

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Notes (7)

  • Mark's character, Don Roritor, is a send-up of KITH's boss, Lorne Michaels who, ironically, produced "Brain Candy".

  • Brendan Frasier has a cameo as a Gleemonex test patient who won't open his mouth resulting to Simon forcing it in.

  • Dave was the only Kid to not have a female character.

  • Dave didn't write any of Brain Candy. He was busy with "The Wrong Guy"

  • It was originally called "The Drug" but Scott hated the title.

  • There were 2 original endings for Brain Candy: 1.All of the end of the movie being a dream from Chris Cooper. 2.Chris Cooper comitting suicide. They all said they hated all of the endings.

  • Mark plays the most charachters with 9. While Kevin and Dave play the least (4).