The Kids in the Hall

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Quotes (139)

  • Buddy Cole: (what was to become the character's catchphrase) I may have been born yesterday...but I still went shopping.

  • Man: Hey, you millionaires! Get out of that garbage!

  • Dave: Oh, Laurie! (Looks at Bruce) Hey, is it okay if I sleep here tonight? Bruce: Uh, no, that's a problem. See, I don't have a bed for you. Dave: Oh...hey, doesn't this couch fold out? (Gets up) Bruce: No, I don't think so, I just-- Dave: Oh, sure it does! (Starts hauling on the couch seat, with Bruce still sitting on it) Come on, look! Bruce: No, it... Dave: Yeah, it does!

  • Dave: You know Mrs. Beemish, don't you, Rusty? Bruce: Hello Barbara. Scott: Barbara? Kevin: Helen! Scott: Rusty! Bruce: I see you got the walker. Kevin: Yes, thank you very much. Bruce: I'm sorry about your hip.

  • (Man has a dream about himself slicing and eating a pear and he wakes up alarmed) Man: Uhh! Woman: What's wrong? Man: I had the pear dream again. Woman: Was I there? Man: Yes. I think I'm insane. Woman: I know you are. (They lay back down as eerie music plays and the camera pans to the window)

  • The Eradicator: When I stand atop the D-Squash Ladder, then and only then will I reveal my true identity! James Thorson... I shall defeat you! James Thorson: Great, how about Tuesday morning? The Eradicator (opens up day-planner): Ah, Tuesday is no good for The Eradicator. How about Wednesday? 8:15 AM.

  • Bruce: I'm sorry I caused all that throat cancer, and all that bowel cancer... I was just on a roll.

  • Mark: Okay, gents: I'd like to be a dyke. (receives facetious comment "Who wouldn't?") Don't be crass, I meant that! I'd like to be buried in the sisterhood of womyn.
    Bruce: Yeah, lesbians are so great. They get so much done in a day.
    Mark: Yeah, yeah...know why? 'Cause they get it done TOGETHER, there's no competition. With them, it's "go team!" all the way.

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Notes (195)

  • This pilot marks the first appearance of one of the few long-running characters, Buddy Cole. The name Buddy Cole was taken from a character Tim Kazurinsky sketch. While in "The Turn Company" troupe, he wrote a skit that Scott played, and gave him the character of the same name. The origional name of the character was Charles "Buddy" Cole

  • The cabage head was made of real leaves. The foam one didn't come until Season 1 started.

  • The origional Pilot was shown on HBO as a two-hour special. It was only after the success of the pilot that the Kids signed a deal.

  • Bruce says that "Hey, you millionaires!", the first sketch of the pilot, is his father's favorite sketch, including all the seasons that came afterwards.

  • Not all of these sketches appear on the DVD, and "Best Of" tape.

  • The "Head-Crusher" skits are numbered #2 and #3 because the first Crusher skits (all counted as one whole skit) were in the Pilot.

  • Several regular phone numbers are on the Squash Ladder in the "Eradicator" sketch. The Kids weren't informed yet that in television you must only use 555-**** numbers.

  • This is the first appearance of Kathie without her counterpart Cathy. Kathie has a picture of Mississippi Gary on her cubicle wall, which stays there the entire series.

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Trivia (119)

  • Kevin's wig in the "Rusty" sketch is positioned wrong. You can see his hair under the wig.

  • If you look closely, you can see the wire going up the baby carrage to light the fire in the "Reg" sketch.

  • When Kevin first puts down the bowl of snacks, he gives it to the girl, and then she sets them down on the table on the corner. But just a few moments later Kevin goes to grab the bowl again, and it's back in the girl's arms.

  • In the "Sarcastic Guy" sketch, Dave keeps taking drinks of his beer, but the level never goes down. Look closely, he lets it touch his lips and then puts it back down.

  • In the "Sarcastic Guy" sketch, when Kevin's character is introducing himself, he accidentally spills some of his beer.

  • In the "Citizen Kane" sketch, Dave's character has a fake hand, which is later stabbed by Kevin's character. Knowing this, if you watch his hand right from the beginning, you notice it never moves from it's one spot. Dave says he tried covering it a little a couple of times, so people wouldn't notice.

  • In the "House Rules" sketch, you can see that the rain is only a straight line in front of the home, except for where it hits Kevin.

  • In the "Asshole" sketch, you can see Scott almost break character and laugh when Kevin goes on his rant.

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Allusions (38)

  • Company Name:: A. T. & Love Inc.
    The company name is a take on the phone company AT&T.

  • n/a: George Michael
    In the phone calls sketch, Scott's character has a poster of George Michael in her room.

  • Bruce: Why didn't you play something sexy? Like Shaft.
    A funny reference to the Isaac Hayes rendition of the theme to Shaft.

  • Skit: Citizen Kane
    This skit is in obvious reference to what has been referred to as the greatest film of all time, Citizen Kane.

  • n/a: The Outsiders
    The punks from the "Hey Man" sketches are roughly based off a number of the people from The Outsiders.

  • Kevin: On a brighter note, the movie based on her life...
    The line Kevin is about to say is in reference to the Sigourney Weaver film Gorillas In The Mist.

  • Kevin: He said he'd get here as soon as All Creatures Great and Small was over.
    A funny reference to the BBC show of the same name, All Creatures Great and Small. The show lasted 12 years before it finally ended in November of 1990, about one year after the skit this reference appears in was aired.

  • Asshole: Movie References
    This sketch makes several references to films, such as the 1989 version of High Stakes, Interiors and several other Woody Allen films.

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