The Knights of Prosperity

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  • 9.5

    Group of guys decide to a celebrity in New York

    By spikejessbing, Oct 22, 2008

    This show was absolutely amazing. The first time I watched it, I loved it. The plot and characters were funny and original. This show made me love wednesdays. When I heard that this show was getting cancelled, I was extremely upset. The show has been off for over a year and I still consider it one of my favorite shows. I loved every episode (though there were only 12). If abc would decide to bring it out on dvd, I would give them a hug and a cookie. I honestly miss this show very much.

    And I wish it wouldn't have gotten cancelled.

    I have yet to watch American Idol since then (it was on at the same time and I assume most people were watching it instead of The Knights).

    ABC did not give this show enough of a chance.

    Highly underrated.moreless

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  • 9.6

    The best show's ever epitaph and little about friendship.

    By mike-kungfull, Aug 09, 2007

    It is sad that this exremly enjoyable show is coming to a sad end in two weeks. I have fallen in love from the very first sight. Through whole 9 episodes made me lough, giggle, once I've even chocked to death. It's power lies in showing ordinary people trying in the enjoyable way - no matter what they were doing - they were trying. How many of us don't have the power to try? Or we just don't want to do something. The characters of the show were trying to make a change in their sad lives and through it they've gained real power - real friends. The show showed me that we are realy lonely in our lives and untill we make a stand to do something with it we will be lonely forever. Even if we have hundreds of people by our side and we do nothing to them they won't be our true friends -they will be only our followers, people who realy don't like us but only sees in us the way to achieve their own goals. True friendship comes from trying and sacrifices (like Eugene done it for Esperanza).

    And all of you flamers who gave this show score "1" din't learned from it at all. You saw only people trying to rob somebody and I see people who were trying to learn us how to build. To build a true frendship aroun the idea - no matter how crazy it is - it worth to try.

    Goodby Knights, I'll miss you.moreless

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  • 1.1

    this show is horrible, I just can't make it through an etire episode.

    By kevinb4444, Aug 09, 2007

    Donal Logue is horrible, just like he was on that grounded for life show, the only time he has been funny was the short skits of Jimmy the cab driver or whatever he was called, those were kind of funny. I think he might be good on a skit show or something like that but not on a sit-com. I don't think the writing is all that good either. I personally made it a good portion of the show and then I finally said "OK I'm done" I had never even made it that long before, that's how much I dislike this show. ABC should take it of the air because even they have better shows than this they can put on.moreless

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  • 10

    Inspired by watching the rich excesses of Mick Jagger on reality TV, Eugene Gurkin (Logue) recruits accomplices (an unlikely yet effective gestalt) to help rob the star. Sort of an "'Oceans 11' (etc) meets the characters of Westlake's Dortmunder Gang."

    By jbarafan, Jul 04, 2007

    Online preview clips prior to the airing of the first episode already had me in stitches. Each week of its short run, Knights had me laughing so hard I'd have to rush to the bathroom to relieve myself during breaks. This was one of my favorite new shows ever in a long time. I truly miss it and can't understand why a great, well-written show with such a terrific cast as this one ended up being canned. Seeing guest star Mick Jagger having such unbridled fun at his own expense in the premiere was icing on an already delicious comedy cake.moreless

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  • 7.8

    this show was the best show on abc is that saying much?

    By westcoastwillam, Apr 22, 2007

    the knight of prosperity was a very dif idea for a show a group of middle lower class people want to live the good life so they plan on robbing mick jagger great idea for a show rite of course but of course things go wrong then they want to rob kelly ripa and ray romano(which they never aired) but the show was short lived which i hated cause this show was great made me laugh out loud and it was very intresting alot better than in case of emergency which was a decent show but i though was no were near as good as the knight they had a funny theme song a great cast and a terrible channel to put it on i would have rather seen it on comedy central then it would have had a chancemoreless

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  • 9.1

    Great show an I love it so funny and cool. I like all the actors who are great in their role on this show.Trying to steal from Mick Jagger penthouse great rob a celiberty NICE.

    The Taxi driver he funny,the Itailian guy so slick,Rockafella the best.

    By supperkat, Apr 20, 2007

    This the new A-Team for the 2000's But more goffy cast,and a hot chick,Sofia,she's really funny aswell as the male cast.And Mick Jagger makes fun of himself in an episode aswell. Only 13 week show okay I'll deal with it's a cool mini show like Day Break,Big Day ABC keeps making these 13 weeks show why;I don't know buy they're great sometimes.Can't get to attached to these shows they only last a few weeks.I don't think these concept show should that long because TV has change now most show don't last past 5 season not like the old days.ok okmoreless

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  • 1.0

    CANCELED! It was a bad premise- six malcontents who decide to get ahead by robbing a famous person's home.

    By bestec, Mar 14, 2007

    From the same network that gave us "CRUMBS" about a year ago comes another lousy, would-be sitcom. This program has no redeeming qualities and why the network ever decided to run it is beyond me.

    Where is the appeal in watching people plot to rob a rock star - or anyone for that matter? Not funny, not entertaining, not worth watching.

    JUNK TV.

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  • 4.0

    I wish I had something better to say . . .

    By ez1jb, Mar 11, 2007

    But I can't. This show was not all a comedy should be. I appreciate that the creators were trying something new-something without a laugh track and more of a gimmick type comedy, but this show isn't very funny. To me it feels more like a C movie that has no end. It's not particularly bad in one way, I just don't think any of it works.

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  • 8.3

    I love it but you ethier love it or hate it.

    By DarkMaster7991, Mar 11, 2007

    This is a great show. I have to say it has that stupid comedey to it. Like not Andy Milionkis stupid just stupid comedey that makes it funny. I like this show but it's a show you love it or hate it. Great actors but 1 I am not familar with. Donal Logue is pretty good here but not his best. It's a shame this was supposely canceled before it aired but we are working on bring it back hopefully. This is a good show and i think deserves some credit for trying. It has a potential to be a very good show and I mean very good. But for now it't good or great.moreless

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