The Kumars at No. 42

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Quotes (22)

  • THE FIRST EVER QUESTION ASKED ON THE KUMARS to Richard E Grant Sanjeev- You've been on Parkinson, haven't you? What's he like? Richard E Grant- He's very sexual.

  • Ashwin's "question" "Mr. Grant, when I first arrived in this country, I lived in a bedsit in Shephard's bush with 15 other people, and I couldn't find a mango for love nor money. It drove me mad". That's it

  • Sushila about Parkinson with Sanjeev- Parky's just playing with him like a silver-haired mongoose with an overweight cobra!

  • Talking about Parkinson being sexist man over 60 Sushila- You had some beefcake competition... Parkinson- Oh, not really. Sean Connery's an ugly s*d, isn't he?

  • Sanjeev's first question to Michael Parkinson "When is it that you're going to retire?"

  • Sushila to Richard E Grant- "Does Winona Ryder have a wooden leg or is that just her style of acting?"

  • Sushila: Mr. Kemp.... (Martin looks at her with his blue eyes she likes) Sushila: Thank you.

  • When Mark Owen enters the living room, the family crowds around him. Ashwin- BE CAREFUL WITH HIM, HE'S VERY EXPENSIVE!

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Notes (11)

  • Ben Fogle's the first guest to be said "He's so sweet" by Madhuri and Sushila to.

  • There was, of course, a reference to Judy's bra showing at the award ceremony.

  • Richard and Judy are the first guests to have more than one person getting interviewed.

  • Helena taught Sanjeev how to walk like an ape in Planet of the apes.

  • Intrestingly, this episode aired during the Ulrika/Sven Goran-Erikkson affair thing.

  • There must have been a deleted scene in this episode because in the trailer of the programme, Donny Osmond says "Oh do behave" in Austin Powers style.

  • All of Westlife were there except for Bryan McFadden.

  • This episode was prosponed from it's original date as the death of Robin Gibb's brother, Maurice affected it.

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Trivia (1)

  • This isn't one from this episode, it's from a trailer of this programme. The trailer for series 2 showes a picture of Adam Woodyatt's face and a man speaking over it, being Adam Woodyatt. It claimed that Adam has been interviewed by the Kumars when, of course, he hasn't.

Allusions (1)

  • Sushila: Tell us about Hudson Hawk
    Hudson Hawk is a film that Richard E Grant was in as the bad guy. He got a Razzie nomination for it.