The L Word


Season 4, Ep 4, Aired 1/28/07
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  • Episode Description
  • Bette meets the new resident artist, Jodi, but a controversial arts project in her class upsets a potential donor for the college. Papi challenges Alice and the girls to a basketball game. Max reveals a secret to his girlfriend. Jenny schemes her way into meeting Stacey Merkin's girlfriend. Meanwhile, Shane is struggling to scrape up money for a hospital bill.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Elizabeth Ziff

  • Jessica Sharzer

  • Angela Robinson (III)

  • Ilene Chaiken

  • Rose Lam

  • Fan Reviews (8)
  • This is a great episode and is done very well!

    By Alx48, Jan 31, 2008

  • Mediocre. Not much character development.

    By Shana868, Sep 29, 2007

  • Damn if the L Word isn't getting better and better this year. I actually wait to see the new episodes, don't fast forward AND re-watch them. Quite the change from last season, of which I probably missed a few episodes.

    By fisken25, Jun 30, 2007

  • i was just fine!

    By dAnRaD010, Feb 01, 2007

  • very revealing in the inner strengths & feelings,Shane feelings for her little brother, Bette's strength to end frisk before it to late, Alice's for keeping the group together as a team, Tina for not giving up on her friends

    By dark_lady22, Jan 31, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (18)

    • Tina: Stop fucking fouling me. Bette: Stop fucking traveling with the ball.

    • Phyllis: So, did you orgasm? You did, right? Alice: Phyllis, for future reference, when a girl your fucking screams really loud and goes completely limp like that, that's a pretty good indication that you made her come.

    • Papi: I've only been turned down once in my life. Alice: Who turned you down? Papi: Selma Johnson. My mother, god bless her. Alice: What? Papi: Her best friend. Alice: Oh, you got turned down by your mother's best friend. I mean, no wonder. Hello. Papi: Well, she turned me down when I was 12. But we hit it when I was 17.

    • Papi: Was she good? Alice: Good, yeah. Different, different. Good, she was good, she was great. She's just not my normal type, not that I have a type, but uh... I don't know, it's just not about sticking with what you know right now for me. Different is good. Papi: Different sounds married, Alice. You need to keep that shit on the DL. You don't need to be dodgin' bullets, you know? Alice: No, it's not like that, Papi. I know when to keep it in my pants. Papi: Shit, I don't.

    • Alice: (teaching Helena how to shoot a basketball) It's like you're drying your nails... (makes a shooting motion with her hand) Drying your nails.

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    Notes (4)

    • In the behind-the-scenes video on, executive producer Ilene Chaiken tells that the basketball game scene in this episode took two days to shoot out of the eight days alloted for each episode. Rachel Shelley actually made Helena's over-the-shoulder backwards shot, and the production crew was able to film it in one shot even though they'd thought it would have to be done in pieces.

    • Marlee Matlin (Jodi) has been added to the opening credits. There is still one person in the opening title sequence whose face is yet to be seen.

    • Cybill Shepherd is credited as a Special Guest Star.

    • Music Featured in This Episode: - Shouting Out Love by The Emotions - Music to Watch Girls By by Andy Williams - Elder Soul Sister by One Hot Suzy - Je Ne Te Connais Pas by Prototypes - Heart of Iron by Tony Salvatore - Love You Better by God-Des & She - Fire to Me by Hyper vs. The Crystal Method - Another Day by The Majestic Arrows - Boys Wanna Be Her by Peaches

    Trivia (3)

    • Goof: Caroline Cave is credited as "Lindsay" although the spelling of her character name is Lindsey.

    • Opening Teaser: Alice is moaning and giving instructions to someone going down on her. The connection: Alice has been trying "an older vintage" and hooking up with Bette's boss Phyllis without telling her friends about it.

    • The same green T-shirt Helena wears in this episode was worn by Alice in episode 3-1: Labia Majora.

    Allusions (1)

    • Title: Layup Basketball plays an important part in this episode. Layup is a basic shot in basketball, in which the player approaches the basket, leaps up, and using one hand bounces the ball off the backboard into the basket. A variation of this is the layin, in which the ball is tipped over the rim straight into the basket.

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