The L Word


Season 2, Ep 7, Aired 4/3/05
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  • Episode Description
  • Shane tries to dull her pain in the hopes that she can forget about Carmen and Jenny's blossoming relationship. Tina comes between Helena and her ex over the custody of their kids and offers a glimmer of hope to Bette. Dana and Alice call everyone to The Planet to announce the details of their new relationship.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Pam Grier

    Kit Porter

  • Leisha Hailey

    Alice Pieszecki

  • Erin Daniels

    Dana Fairbanks

  • Mia Kirshner

    Jenny Schecter

  • Laurel Holloman

    Tina Kennard

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (10)

    • Alice: What do you think we should say? Dana: I don't know. That... I don't know! Nothing much has changed, you know? We're still hanging out every day and night, it's just that now we're having... incredible, mind-blowing, earth-shattering sex.

    • Tina: (on Bette's answering machine) I just wanted to let you know that I've been, uh... thinking about... our baby. We conceived of this baby together and you should... absolutely... be part of... her life.

    • Carmen: (to Shane) You wanna know something? You've been getting away with this shit for far too long. I don't know what that poor, ass-kissing woman did to piss you off – you know, maybe you guys were walking down the street one day and she smiled at you too sweetly by accident! Okay, but maybe... maybe she bought you a gift to let you know that... that you're kinda special to her! (starts to cry) Or just maybe... maybe she really liked you. I think that... that that's something... that you just don't know how to handle right now. And, uh... and I also think that... that we sweet, simple folk... will not go around kissing your ass forever.

    • Carmen: I don't know why I left last night. I really wish I hadn't. Jenny: I think because you like Shane. Carmen: I'm not someone... who falls for... fucked-up, unavailable people. Jenny: I don't think that we really have a choice in the people that we fall for, Carmen.

    • Woman: (to Bette) Hi, my friend wants to know if you're ready to start dating? Um, she says she could be your rebound girlfriend. Kit: (laughing) Hey, that's not a bad offer. Bette: Does it have an expiry date, because I think I really might need to think about it. Woman: I'll go ask her. Kit: (after the woman's gone) You're being pimped!

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    Notes (4)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: December 23, 2011 on Prima LOVE

    • The song that plays during the teaser is a French translation of the lyrics of the theme song.

    • The two girls in Shane's bedroom are played by identical twin sisters Sarah and Stephanie Penikett. Their brother, Tahmoh Penikett, appeared on The L Word in episode 1-6: Losing It.

    • Music Featured in This Episode: - Zapateado by Sharon Isbin (performed live at The Planet) - Magicman by Bonobo - Smile & Beware (Stef & 16Bit Lolita Remix) by Girl Nobody - Mmmnn by Grandadbob - Number 1 by Natasha Thirsk - Where Do I Begin (Away Team Remix) by Shirley Bassey - The Other Girl by The Capitals - Apology by Nasty On - Coming Back to You by Leonard Cohen

    Trivia (2)

    • Title: Luminous The title of this episode is also the title of the story Jenny writes for her writing class.

    • Opening Teaser: Les Rues Montmartre -- Some Other Time: Henri (Hunter) and Madelaine (Charlotte) are walking along a small alley in Paris. They approach a coy-looking prostitute, Jasmine (Jenny). The Connection: Later, Hunter Kirby reads his Henry Miller-esque story in Charlotte Birch's class.

    Allusions (4)

    • Jenny: (about Hunter's story) I actually think that it's Henry Miller Lite. Jenny compares Hunter's story to those of American writer Henry Miller (1891-1980). Since the story is clearly a feeble copy of Miller-esque themes, she calls it "Miller Lite" -- a reference to the light beer by the same name.

    • Venus de Mylar The name of the drag queen in Jenny's story is a pun of Venus de Milo, a classical piece of ancient Greek sculpture, and Mylar, polyester film used in e.g. balloons.

    • Veronica Bloom: You want me to go from Marty to M. Night-f---ing-Shyamalan? Where were you educated? Do you even know the difference between War and Peace and a Marvel f---ing comic book?! Indian-born M. Night Shyamalan is a movie director who has become famous for directing such hit thrillers as The Sixth Sense (1999), Unbreakable (2000), and Signs (2002). War and Peace (Vojna i mir, published in 1865-1869) is a literary classic by Russian author Leo Tolstoy. Marvel Comics, founded in 1939 under the name Timely Comics, is an American comic book company responsible for publishing such titles as Spider-Man, the X-men and Fantastic Four, all of which have since been made into popular superhero movies.

    • Jenny looks like Jean Seberg, the female lead in the 1960 French movie À bout de souffle (Breathless), down to the hair and T-shirt.

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