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    Where is Asian?

    By ayakahashimoto585, May 24, 2014

    I just have watched season 3 and am wondering where Asian characters are. A few Asians I saw were all weird, mean or hysterical. This show itself is fun. I enjoyed it, but I think I'm quitting to watch it.

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    Favorite Words

    By francescahughes98, Mar 18, 2014

    There is a whole social network based on favorite words out there: (a perfect name) - it's intriguing.

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    An Eye Opener

    By JayPassmore, Oct 13, 2013

    I am a straight guy and this show really opened my eyes to the fact that lesbians just don't make love and there is more to it than that.

    The storyline about Max was a little confusing but I totally think that there's more TranSexual Female to Males out there that would find it hard to understand why Max would allow a man to penetrate him. As I have always thought that a TS F-Ms would really freak out with the thought and then the "female" pregnancy.

    I would have to say that I kinda wished that there was more seasons as there is so many answers and further scenes that should of been done, ie; Tina's and Beths NY move, Max baby and many more.

    I finished watching them today and now I am borid as I got nothing to watch

    * A Good Show To Watch *moreless

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    I have had mixed feelings about this show since it first began. While it's pleasant to see lesbians on television, it's not always the most flattering portrayal.

    By ksmith2208, Dec 08, 2011

    I loved this show when it first began. It addressed some interesting issues, and it was groundbreaking to have a show revolving around the lives and loves of lesbian and bisexual characters. As the show progressed, I became more and more fed up with the way the characters were handled. Besides the ever-annoying Jenny, the characters I had loved from the start started to degrade into generally bad people. EVERYONE cheats on everyone. In the season 6 opener, Alice even admits that this is the standard lesbian thing to do. This is the message we want to be sending? Angus, the one positive male figure on the show, was turned into a cheating bastard. And when Tina is involved with a man, what happens? None of the lesbians want to talk to her because she's somehow betraying her kind. So much for being allowed to love whoever, regardless of gender. The show essentially shows the message that it's ok to cheat, bisexuals aren't good enough to be friends with lesbians, men are evil, and everything boils down to sex. That's not the message that should be sent in the one lesbian drama on television. That said, I suppose it's still entertaining television.moreless

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    I am not familiar with the lesbian community -yet- but I think this show pictures it in a sincere and real way. The actresses did a great work and made a good decision by choosing to star in this show!

    By ellis95, Mar 12, 2010

    I love this show! It's sad I started watching it too late! This show permits to learn a lot about the lesbian community, it deals with a lot of social topics I have never thought about before. Plus as a French native speaker, I learn a lot of vocabulary :-) The other thing which is good, is that the show directors know how to consolidate their fans through the website and the L conventions' existence. And above all, Katherine Moennig (Shane McCutcheon in the show) is very very hot!! This woman has such a power!! Her attitude, her husky voice, her smile... I think that just for her, the show is worth to be seen!moreless

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    By Cat_1010_2000, Dec 22, 2009

    Ok I have no ideal how I first came across this show. I do not get the channel it came on. But when I saw the show I thought WOW what is this. I had never seen a show like this before. I had to order the dvd on-line that day. But I relized that they were about to start their last season and my heart broke because i was getting in on the end of the show. This is not a lesbian show it is a show about friends and how the differences and the likeness in us bring us together and push us apart. My favorite couple was Alice and Dana. I love the way it was written for them to get together. And although I love them as a couple. I love the car chase scene after they had broken up. funny as can be.

    I have seen videos of the creator talking about what she would have changed if she could and she said that it would have been Dana's death. I hate that she died but they did do a wonderful job of telling that story. I do think the show changed so much after Dana's Death thought. The only bad thing I have to say is that I didn't like the last episode. The whole last season was Who Killed Jenny and we were never told who did it. I heard rumors of a spin off that Alice killed her and went to prison. I never liked that ideal since Alice is my favorite charator and I would hate to see here in jail. The whole last season felt like it was pushed. Like the creator didn't have enought time for the story lines to evole more. I wish we had a answer to the question of the last seasons murder/death but I would have to sugest to everyone to watch this show.moreless

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    L Word is the best!

    By sportzgurl760, Nov 13, 2009

    L Word relates to people with any kind of sexual orientation. I love this show. I ordered all the seasons right as it came out. I actually was "straight" before but a woman came into my life and opened up a new kind of lifestyle to me, kind of like Marina did for Jenny. So I love how much I can relate to this show. It's the best thing to happen to television. It can be unpredictable, sexy, classy, moving, and everything all at once. This show is very un-obtainable to re-create. Each character will touch someone. One of my favorites to watch.moreless

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    The L Word was a groundbreaking, unique and interesting show, that anybody not matter his or her sexual orientation could relate to.

    By sk8chick7878, May 02, 2009

    The L Word was a groundbreaking, unique and interesting show. It broke down the barriers of television and changed society. The L Word offered an outlet into world where I didn't have to hide who I actually was. It offered a world with characters I, and almost anyone, straight or gay could relate to. The L Word let me be myself, when in the real world I couldn't and still can't. The L Word was funny, drama-filled, and you can't forget the amazing sex scenes. Each character had their own problems, but each one still stayed close to their friends. Bette and Tina are, in my opinion, one of the best relationships on the show. Though both Bette and Tina have their conflicts with each other and with themselves, they do truly love one another. Alice is definitely the funniest character in the show, though she still has her own conflicts and does struggle with love. Shane is a very complex character. She cannot commit to relationships, even though she may love the person. She puts herself through torture, even though she does not deserve it. Helena, in the beginning of the show is selfish and manipulating. However by the third season she begins to soften up and becomes a real friend. Throughout the show, Helena struggles with trust issues, but after living without any money, she learns how to take care of herself and be independent. Jenny is one of the most interesting characters. She is one of those people that you either love or hate, and your feelings can change instantly. At first, Jenny is an innocent girl living with her boyfriend, but as the show goes one Jenny changes drastically. By the end of the fourth season, Jenny is arrogant and manipulative. Jenny for some reason tends to ruin relationships, though I don't think she always means to. All of the characters bring something different to the story and I think everyone can relate to at least one of the characters. After six seasons, The L Word ended, and a jam-packed six seasons they were. The L Word ended with a controversial bang, in season six. Despite the many opinions on the ending, The L Word ended the similarly to the way it started. The show started with Jenny's "birth" and ended with her death. We are never supposed to know who killed her. It will remain a mystery forever. Anybody can watch The L Word, no matter his or her sexual orientation. The L Word was about people with flaws trying to find love, and I think everybody can relate to that.moreless

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    Oh Wow, Great Show; for many reasons:

    By Outsider1580, Mar 14, 2009

    When I first watched this show I have to admit I figured lesbians everywhere how can I go wrong, but then something happened. As I was watching the show "Jenny" played by Mia absolutely blew me away, her inner conflict with love for 2 people was exactly how most of us feel when that unfortunate instance occurs. So after the very first episode I was like wow, what just happened. I felt a connection to Tim because I am a male and have been in his situation, but also I felt a connection to Jenny as I have also been in her situation. Needless to say 5 seasons later I still watch the show and I am still amazed by how the show is about love and how it transcends through everything. It doesn't matter if you are a woman and love another woman, its not gay it's LOVE. I wish more people could see and understand this. The solution is; watch the show.moreless

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