News Briefs: Fox's Gotham Has Found its Alfred, Penguin, and More

By Kaitlin Thomas

Feb 12, 2014


Hot on the heel's of Ben McKenzie's casting as Jim Gordon (!!!!), Fox has announced a slew of other casting news for Gotham, its new series about the origins of Commissioner Gordon and the villains that made Gotham City famous:

Sean Pertwee (Elementary, and son of Doctor Who's Jon Pertwee) has been cast as Alfred Pennyworth. An ex-marine, he's extremely loyal and protective of Bruce Wayne following the death of his parents.

Robin Lord Taylor will play Oswald Cobblepot A.K.A. The Penguin, A.K.A. a low-level psychopath who hides his crazy behind a veil of polite demeanor.

Erin Richards (Being Human) plays Barbara Kean, the fiancée of Jim Gordon and an emergency room doctor.

Zabryna Guevara will play Captain Essen, Gordon's boss on the GCPD Homicide Squad.

[Warner Brothers via press release]


... Not to be outdone by four-time host Neil Patrick Harris, Hugh Jackman will return to host the 68th Annual Tony Awards on June 8. This will be his fourth time hosting, having previously emceed the even in 2003, 2004, and 2005. Nominations for the awards will be announced live on Tuesday, April 29 from New York City. Now, get out of here Tony Awards, no one cares about live theater. [CBS via press release]

... HBO has given a series order to The Brink, a dark new comedy starring Jack Black, Tim Robbins, and Pablo "Pornstache" Schreiber. From Roberto Benabib (Weeds), the series follows three men attempting to stop World War III. Black stars as Alex Coppins, a Foreign Service officer, Robbins is U.S. Secretary of State Walter Hollander, and Schreiber is Zeke Callahan, a fighter pilot in the Navy. [Deadline]

... Today's Matt Lauer is replacing Bob Costas as the host of NBC’s Olympic primetime and late night shows since the world took to Twitter and decided no one wanted to look at Costas' double eye infection. Poor guy. This breaks his streak of hosting 157 consecutive Olympic primetime shows. But at least now he'll get to relax peacefully in one of Sochi's wonderful spa-like resorts. [NBC via press release]

... The Wonder Years—with nearly all of its original music—is finally, finally, finally being released on DVDThere's no official release date yet, but you can check out for more information and sign up for updates. Now, who do I need to threaten talk to about getting Terriers on DVD? [HitFix]

... Hey Sherlock fans, I'm sorry I didn't rank you high enough on the crazy scale so as to have you committed for being clinically insane, but please accept this new Sherlock convention as a consolation prize. [DigitalSpy]

... MTV has ordered 10 episodes of Eye Candy, a series starring Victoria Justice as a hacker whose blog uncovers everything from crazy terrorist plots (LOL) to the identities of suspected killers (LOL). But because she spends most of her time in front of a computer, she doesn't date much and is convinced by her "friend" to sign up for an online dating website (real friends would support your life as a shut in, just saying). Naturally, she ends up being cyber-stalked and after someone dies as a result, she teams up with the local PD to catch the killer (DOUBLE LOL) [Variety]

... BBC America (not to be confused with the OG BBC) wants to make Nottingham, a series in which Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham are the same person. I still haven't forgiven OG BBC for the third season of Robin Hood, so no, I'm not ready for this either. [Deadline]


... Michelle Fairley (Game of Thrones, Suits) has signed on to star in 24: Live Another Day as  the villainous Margot, a role recently vacated by Judy Davis. Margot is the widow of an international terrorist, and isn't necessarily all that nice herself. [EW]

... The familiar face of Titus Welliver will soon be appearing in Michael Bay's The Last Ship on TNT. Originally cast in a major role in the pilot, Welliver had to drop out due to a family emergency. Now he'll be back for a major role in the final two episodes of Season 1, which follows the aftermath of a global catastrophe that nearly wipes out the world's population. [TV Line]

... John Wesley Shipp, who played Barry Allen/The Flash in the '90s TV series (and also Dawson Leery's dad in the highly-regarded, often-praised teenage drama Dawson's Creek), will guest-star in The CW's new Flash pilot in a mystery role that is said to be potentially recurring. [The CW via press release]

... TV Legend Dick Van Dyke has signed on to guest star in two episodes of Hallmark Channel's Signed, Sealed, Delivered about a group of mail detectives who work in the Dead Letter Office and see to it that each lost and dead letter is delivered to the right recipient when they need it most. For the record, Van Dyke is 88-years-old. No one would fault him for wanting to kick back and relax on a cruise. Seriously, dude, I think you've earned it. [Deadline]

... JoAnna Garcia Swisher has been cast in ABC's Astronaut Wives Club, which just received a straight-to-series order from the network. She'll play Betty, whose wholesome feel makes her very appealing to the public. But here's where I start to raise my eyebrows, because Betty's dreams appear to be prophetic, and she's worried her husband is going to die. [TV Line]

... Candace Cameron Bure is reuniting with her Full House boyfriend, played by Scott Weinger, on an upcoming episode of The Neighbors. Weinger is currently a writer on the series, and will appear alongside Cameron Bure as a couple new to the alien neighborhood. [EW]

... Nazanin Boniadi (Homeland) has booked a major arc on Scandal. There's not much known about her character, but she'll be a major presence in the final eight episodes of Season 3. [THR]

... Psych's Maggie Lawson is getting back in the pilot game having snagged the lead in CBS' Save the Date. The half-hour comedy follows single gal Kate (Lawson) who gets wasted and books a wedding venue and then has to find the right man before the big day. We all get drunk and do stupid stuff, but why can't Kate just buy a ton of useless sh*t on Amazon like the rest of society? [Deadline]

... Taylor Lautner has been cast as the new male lead role in the BBC3 comedy series Cuckoo after Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Andy Samberg opted not to return for Season 2. Listen, I'll never be someone who champions Samberg, but 10 times out of 10 I will choose him over the dude from Twilight. [The Guardian]

... 24's Annie Wersching has joined the cast of the Halle Berry-fronted drama Extant. Wersching will play Femi Dodd, "a member of the Yasumoto Corporation board who endeavors to insure that in our race toward a technologically advanced future, we don’t leave our humanity behind." Uhhhhkay. [TV Line]


... NBC News Special Correspondent Tom Brokaw has announced that he's been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer affecting blood cells in the bone marrow. Insert all the sad emoji here. [CNN]

... Former child actress Shirley Temple, known most recently as Shirley Temple Black, died Tuesday at her home near San Francisco. She was 85. Although she never successfully transitioned from child star to adult performer, Temple did go on to have a career in international diplomacy, acting as a U.S. Ambassador to both Ghana and Czechoslovakia. She received the Screen Actors Guild’s life achievement award in 2005. [Variety]

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  • hockeyrick Feb 13, 2014

    ANYTHING Neighbors is sooo cool!

  • aeaed Feb 12, 2014

    Not quite seeing this "Robin Hood and Sherriff of Nottingham are the same guy"-thing yet. Does that mean Robin will steal from himself?

  • anthonyclay37 Feb 12, 2014

    this show is going to suck to bad. i dont really have high hopes for any shows on fox, and so far the casting and just ideas around this show seem like a big fail to me.

  • JT_Kirk Feb 12, 2014

    KAITLIN: you have NBC listed as the network for Gotham's casting announcement, not Fox.

  • thekaitling Feb 12, 2014

    Would you believe me if I said that was a test and you passed?

  • JT_Kirk Feb 12, 2014

    Why are you saying that?
    Just screwing with your mind. HA HA HA HA!

  • dodge_hickey Feb 12, 2014

    Gotham is looking promising with every bit of news I hear about it, I am still treading consciously though because it's FOX.

    24 keeps sounding better and better, I am dying to see the new season.

  • linkthehero82 Feb 12, 2014

    I knew John Wesley Shipp would be involved in The Flash somehow. Best news I've heard all day.

  • JT_Kirk Feb 12, 2014


  • atuladitya25 Feb 12, 2014

    10 out of 10 times I too would choose Andy Samberg over the dude from Twilight!

  • MarlboroMagpi Feb 12, 2014

    Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham are the same person !

    Of all the insane ideas I have heard, this one really tops it.

  • Whedonrules Feb 12, 2014

    ABC wasting more money with straight to series order on a show that is going to be on Sunday's at 10 and then canceled. Nothing is going to stop this fading ship from reaching NBC levels of crap! You go ABC!

    Isn't the plot of the new Maggie Lawson show basically the plot of 'Darma and Greg'? No, no, no Maggie. You got killed on 'Justified'!!! You are so much better than these half-hour retreads.

    John Wesley Shipp is going to be in the new 'Flash'. That is kind of cool but if this network gets rid of 'REIGN' than I'm gone.

    Which Superhero show is going to be the one that tips the lazy trend of adapting somebody else's work? I thought the fact that 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' sucks so bad (last weeks episode had so much potential but it was all wasted because the cast is just so bland and in the end, NO STAKES everybody is fine!) would finally make everyone stop. Oh that's right, that would involve coming up with an original idea and the new writers don't seem to want to actually, you know, create anymore. I remember when the fun of comics was when the new editions hit the rack? Lets start a trend to get people to reading the books off the shelves again! I thought the three best shows that premiered in 2013 were all completely original ideas that would start a new trend - guess 'Banshee', 'Orphan Black', and 'The Americans' didn't really start anything.

  • Aquitar94 Feb 12, 2014

    Looking forward to Gotham! And Eye Candy sounds... different for MTV that's for sure lol maybe it'll work? And maybe Shipp will be Jay Garrick? That way he'd still be an older Flash! Would be my guess anyway.

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