The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

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  • Craig: (reading an email) Dear Craig do you ever wish you were a ninja? (answering) Yeah, sometimes...I like to wear black it's very slimming.

  • Ray Romano: (about what his wife says when his ego gets big) You're still the sh** I married.

  • Craig:(Talking about Spring Break) Damn you kids and your convenient craziness!

  • *Graig plays Larry King in a skit interviewing "President George W. Bush"* Graig (as Larry King): "There have a lot of cvhanges in your administration recently. What made you choose tony snow as your new press secretary?" George W. Bush: "Look Tony has spent the past ten years working for Fox news, that makes him highly experienced at lying to people."

  • Graig: "I had no idea you were so passionate about immigration." Tim: "I am Graig, my parents are immigrants, my family came here from Michigan."

  • Graig: " my family no ones in show business, me included obviously, CBS!"

  • *Graig talking to Mandy Moore in a commercial for tonight's show* Graig: "You started out as a singer and actress. Did you know I used to be an actor?" Mandy: "Oh yeah? What do you do now?"

  • *Sitting in the back of the car during a "Michael Caine's NASCAR Memories" segement* Graig (as "Micheal Caine"): "I love NASCAR and I love driving. But I prefer it in the rear."

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Notes (152)

  • Guest Notes: Keb 'Mo' was scheduled to perform, but the show ran long.

  • This is the Series Premiere of the NEW "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson."

  • Guest Notes: Keb Mo was slated to perform on the January 3rd episode, but the show ran long. He was asked back for tonights episode.

  • Guest Host Sara Rue.

  • Trey Anastasio did not appear on the show due to time constraints.

  • Henry Winkler, The Fonz of "Happy Days" fame, makes an unannounced appearance.

  • Casting: Bill Bailey was scheduled to appear tonight, but the show ran long. He will be invited back.

  • Casting: Secret Machines were originally scheduled to appear. No mention was made of why they didn't.

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Trivia (35)

  • Craig and Gerard Butler are both from Glasgow, Scotland.

  • This is the first episode to have only one guest.

  • After more than a week of repeats at 12:35 am on CBS, we find out the reason for Craig's absence: his father had died, and he had returned to Scotland for the funeral. This show was a tribute to him, with Dr. Drew talking about grief, Amy Yasbeck talking about coping with the unexpected death of her husband (John Ritter) and the band was from his native homeland. To honor his father, who always wore a tie at home, Craig put one on for the first time since he decided to host a more casual show.

  • This is the second episode to have only one guest.

  • This is the third episode to have only one guest.

  • This is the fourth episode to have only one guest.

  • Lynn Ferguson is the younger sister of host Craig Ferguson.

  • Jane and Greg were on the Late Late Show on the same day in Season 1, Episode 125, first aired on Tuesday, August 2, 2005.

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