The Law of Ueki

Monday 6:30 PM on TV Tokyo
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  • Episode Guide
  • S 1 : Ep 51

    The Law of Blank Zai

    Aired 3/27/06

  • S 1 : Ep 50

    The Law of Ueki vs. Anon

    Aired 3/20/06

  • S 1 : Ep 49

    The Law of the Ten Stars

    Aired 3/13/06

  • S 1 : Ep 48

    The Law of the Fourth Round

    Aired 3/6/06

  • S 1 : Ep 47

    The Law of Anon Who Became God

    Aired 2/27/06

  • Cast & Crew
  • Mamiko Noto

    Rinko Jerrard (Japanese Version)

  • Kappei Yamaguchi

    Hideyoshi Souya (Japanese Version)

  • Souichiro Hoshi

    Seiichiro Sano (Japanese Version)

  • Romi Paku

    Kosuke Ueki (Japanese Version)

  • Tomoko Kawakami

    Ai Mori (Japanese Version)

  • show Description
  • Ueki is just an average junior high student who has the power to change trash into trees. This power was given to him by Koba-sen so that Ueki can participate in the "Battle of the Supernatural Powers". If Ueki wins, then Koba-sen becomes the new King of the Celestial World while Ueki will receive the "Talent of Blank", allowing him to choose whatever talent he desires. However, the battle will not be easy since he will have to face may unsavory opponents who want the "Talent of Blank" for their own selfish reasons. Ueki will undergo many trials and sacrifices in order to win the battle and prevent the "Talent of Blank" from falling into the wrong hands. Ueki Kousuke He may seem like a normal Jr. High student, but the only thing that begins to separate him from normal people is his power to turn normal recycled trash into trees. Though, it's not only for show as he will have to use it in his fights with 100 other combatants. Other than that, he may not always be intelligent when it comes to class time. Mori Ai Ueki's friend in Jr. High. She accompanies Ueki in his quest to challenge the many combatants and will try to aid him outside of the fights. Seichirou Sano The guy that can turn towels into iron. He is also Ueki's friend. Rihou Master of Taijutsu (Martial Arts), and he promises to train hard so he can live up to his father's legacy. He is among the evil guys that wishes to challenges Ueki, though he might have a change of heart. Koba-sen (Kobayashi-sensei) Teacher of Ueki & Mori. He's the god candidate that bestowed Ueki with the special ability to turn trash into trees. "God" (Kami-sama) The guy that calls the shots in how the tournament will be played out. Opening/Ending Themes + Lyrics Opening #1 Falco by Hitomi Shimatani Ending #1 Little Planets by Aiko Kayo Falco - Lyrics kimi wa nani wo nozumu no dare no tame ni kizu tsuki? yume wa ukabu kuuhaku hitomi wo tojita saffran saita koko no umi suna arashi ga yami nari sabaku yori mo hate naki toki wo samayou yorokobi ya kanashimi kara ima uketotta chikara hoho netsu ni kawaru chorus: mirai sono te ni tobitatsu falco kakeru kimi ni yume wo tsukame chikai hibi kasu kegare naki sora koeru SAHARA taiyou ga michibiyuku Little Planets - Lyrics itsumo soko ni iru hazu to omotte ita kimi ga inai dokoka natsukashiku kanjirukedo samishiku wa nai nani genaku miageta ano aoi iro no sora ni chorus: kokoro ga ukabeta planet mayotta toki ni wa **** ano hi no bokura ga kitto itsumo kanata de mitsumete kurete iru sukitooru hitomi no planet zutto kawaranu omoi ga koko ni arumoreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (25)

    • Robert: Huh? What's going on? Ueki: I'll tell you what: it's my righteousness!

    • Kami-sama: HUSTLE! HUSTLE!

    • Ueki: You can't sew your pants back if you have no pants at all!


    • Onimon: Fair and square - that's what it means to be a man.

    • BJ: Wow! Yo man! That's my Ueki Kousuke! Can't get one on him, nope. Brother! (rapping) Check it out! Re-re-remember me, it's me, BJ! MY BROTHER! Ueki: Who are you again? BJ: (crying) Like always! Ha ha ha! Ueki: Oh, I remember you. You're that "hippy" I fought: BJ. BJ: Hip-hopper!

    • Ueki: I guess I have to be cat-like and turn all of them into ribbons!

    • Ueki: Isn't survival more important here than pride?

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    Notes (171)

    • Opening Theme: "Falco" by Hitomi Shimatani Ending Theme: "Little Planets" by Aiko Kayo

    • Sacred Treasures: 2. Fuudou (Hood) - The two-star treasure. Gained through Perseverance. A giant arm grows out of the ground to protect Ueki from attacks. It can also be used offensively by striking at enemies. This roughly translates to "firmness".

    • Sacred Treasures: 1. Kurogane - The one-star treasure. Gained through Consciousness. A large cannon grows out of a tree from Ueki's arm and fires a large ball at the opponent. This roughly translates to "iron".

    • Sacred Treasures: 3. Ranma - The three-star treasure. Gained through Firmness. A large bladed weapon grows from a tree to strike the opponent. This roughly translates to "chaos".

    • Character Stats: Don 9th Grade Favorite words - "Horsepower, Violence Power, Noodles" NOTHING BEATS RAW POWER!

    • Ueki raises his Heavenly-Being star rank from 2 to 3 while training in the Awakening Organ. Ueki also gains the sacred treasure Gamma.

    • The Awakening Organ is an organ located above the stomach in a Heavenly Beast's body. The organ is a place where Heavenly Beings train to raise their star ranks, thus gaining the corresponding sacred treasures. However, Heavenly Beings in the Awakening Organ can only stay in there for 24 hours. If they don't get out by then, they will get digested. After leaving the Awakening Organ, Heavenly Beings can't go back in for 3 days.

    • Robert's Ten Don "The power to change his ring into a rocket." This can greatly amplify any attack. Very proud of his strength. Always has a huge smile on his face even though he has a very large mean streak to him. Ueki retires him from the tournament with his newfound ability of Masshu.

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    Trivia (61)

    • Ueki loses two of his Talents in this episode, bringing his total amount of Talents to 9.

    • The first Talent Ueki loses is his Talent to Be Liked by Girls. The second Talent he lost (which we learn in the next episode) is his Talent to Study.

    • In the English dub, when a character's statistics are displayed, that character reads his or her stats out loud. This was not present in the original Japanese version.

    • In the English dub, Ueki's teacher Kobayashi is often called "Mr. K" for short. Originally, Kobayashi's shortened name is "Koba-sen", which is short for "Kobayashi-sensei".

    • The footage at the beginning of the episode is from the fight between Ueki and Robert Haydn which will occur in later episodes.

    • Character Stats: Tonarino Junior High School Year 2, Class A, Student #19, Maruo Taira. Favorite Word: "Fire!"

    • Sano's power is that he can turn towels into steel by holding his breath.

    • The King of the Celestial World was originally known as Kami-sama (God).

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    Allusions (1)

    • Name: Kousuke Ueki "Ueki" means "planting trees" in Japanese.

  • Fan Reviews (16)
  • Recommended for all who love nature and fighting.

    By TheLightSpirit, Aug 30, 2008

  • It can be Engaging for the time but soon after you finish it you might want to move on

    By Rhen_Var, Jun 23, 2007

  • Overall this show rocks! Its full of heart thumping moments and the battles are cool!!!!!!! I love the powers,its great!

    By hemirni, Feb 12, 2007

  • this is a good show.

    By isildurelendil, Feb 09, 2007

  • Mindblowing!

    By Cool_cutedude, Jan 27, 2007

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