The Leftovers' Second Trailer Is Even More Confusing Than the First (VIDEO)

By Tim Surette

Jun 08, 2014

"She's not coming back... none of them are," says a character from The Leftovers in the latest trailer for Damon Lindelof's upcoming HBO drama.

The network released the 90-second spot on Saturday night, and I'm still furiously scratching my head (in a good way) trying to figure out what's happening on the show. (You can watch the first full trailer, which was released in April, right here.)

Here's what we do know: The Leftovers is based on the Tom Perrotta book of the same name and follows a mysterious event that whisked away two percent of the world's population without warning. Some call it the Rapture, but is it something else?

The Leftovers is executive produced and co-created by Lindelof, who will also run the show, and Perrotta, and stars Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman, Liv Tyler, Christopher Eccleston, and Chris Zylka.

What do you think is happening in The Leftovers? You can get some answers (and probably many more questions) when the series debuts Sunday, June 29 at 10pm on HBO. 

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  • remediosbuendia Jun 09, 2014

    I didn't know Liv Tyler and Christopher Eccleston were part of the cast! I'll check it out.

  • No1Slayerette Jun 10, 2014

    It was the high-profile casting that got me even more intrigued after hearing the initial plot, so it seems very peculiar to me that none of The Leftovers trailers as of yet have gone out of their way to feature the star power the series boasts in Tyler and Eccleston. Almost as peculiar as the series' plot, actually.

  • dimakosrou Jun 08, 2014

    Mystery shows are almost non-existent after LOST. I hope LEFTOVERS will be good...

  • JasonMelvil Jun 09, 2014

    I'm assuming you meant no GOOD mystery shows after Lost.
    Because the Lost people made dozens of mystery shows after it and they are all over the place. All of them constantly fail for the same reason that Lost itself failed:

    If you're going for a mystery show, you need to figure out the mystery yourself from the start and not just make stuff up as you go along.

    That will always fail.

    Because eventually you will start contradicting yourself, inconsistencies will pop up everywhere and most importantly the audience realizes it's crap and there's no point in even trying to figure it out and the time you spent on it was a huge waste.

  • BobTFish Jun 09, 2014

    Totally agree. These type of shows are always destined to fail on Network television because they need a structure with a definitive and well thought out and well executed conclusion. But on Network television, they either don't get the ratings and are cancelled to early, or, in the case of Lost, they are wildly successful and a spun out far too long. They end when the financial advisors say so, not when the story demands it.

  • Muderboy Jun 09, 2014

    The only mystery Lost solved is where we all go when we die. Which basically they lied about, because they had no freaking idea. Dumbest ending ever!

  • sleepy-sonic Jun 10, 2014

    The best description of the Lost finale.

  • prometheus20 Jun 08, 2014

    For some reason I don't see a middle ground for this show. It will either be really good or really bad.

  • Lars900 Jun 08, 2014

    First time I'm not so thrilled about a new HBO drama coming out. I think it's gonna be bad, but I sure hope HBO proves me wrong

  • Taccado Jun 08, 2014

    For some reason I have zero interest in this show. I guess I'm too afraid of being mind f*cked by Lindelof. I should probably take into account that the story does not come from the mind of Lindelof, but it's based on a book by someone else. So there should not be a risk of him Lost-ing the ending of this show. The author of the book, Perotta, is Oscar nominated for a film script which he adapted from another of his books, which means he should be a capable story teller. Perotta is producer for The Leftovers, two other producers are also Oscar nominated, and none of the producers apart from Lindelof worked on Lost. So maybe I shouldn't worry that much about Lindelof being associated with this show. There are others giving it a direction.

  • Muderboy Jun 09, 2014

    Ah, a fellow mind f*ckee...

  • Mate Jun 08, 2014

    Wow that has pretentious written all over it. It might be good, but the premise is odd and I don't think they did their math in regards to the dispersal of that 2% across the world population in relation to a small town population.

    On the other hand, this could be way worse than Under The Dome.

  • Taccado Jun 08, 2014

    Worse than Under the Dome? That would mean it would literally cause seizures. Literally.

  • Mate Jun 08, 2014

    Under The Dome at least kind of knows it is stupid. This seems like it is going to take itself way too seriously and still be really stupid.

  • Muderboy Jun 09, 2014

    Well then, there's that. Oh no!

  • Mate Jun 09, 2014

    It could eclipse The Following. Think about that.