The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Little Big Mah

Season 3, Ep 9, Aired 11/10/06
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  • Episode Description
  • While trying to get to an Ascension Ceremony where June is getting promoted to Kanji, Ah-Mah is getting younger after fighting a Darnock Demon which plans to steal the power of the Elders.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Amy Hill


  • Carlos Alazraqui


  • Kath Soucie

    Ray Ray

  • Lara Jill Miller

    Juniper Lee

  • Candi Milo


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  • Now,that's more like it finally a esipode that's really funny,really urban and really understand of the japense way Ah mah,is the comic relief ever and better than anybody anyday and that's what's makes this show hil

    By Blookingster, Nov 11, 2006

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    • Ah-Mah: Any other questions? Kid: Do you know karate? (she sighs, annoyed) Ah-Mah: First of all, karate is JAPANESE, second of all why do people always ask Asians those same questions? First question, "What are you?", second question "Do you know karate?". So, I'm Chinese, and yes, I know karate. And over 50 other styles of hand-to-hand combat! (jumps up and lands on desk in a combat position, June gives her a look) Uh, we learn it in gym class.

    • Teacher: So Jasmine, why don't you tell us a little about China? Ah-Mah: I haven't been to China in 40 years! (the class stares at her, June gives her a look) I mean uh, for awhile, but I'm sure it hasn't changed since I left it.

    • Michael: (heard upstairs) Kids, is your grandmother up there? Her purse is down here. Mom? Ray Ray: Quick! Hide under here! (June and Ray Ray run her over to the bed, it's full of junk) No, in there! (they run her over to the closet, junk spills onto the floor) June: Ray Ray! Ray Ray: Well whaddya expect for 5 bucks?! (Micheal comes in) Michael: Who's this? Ray Ray: This is our, uh...cousin, Roxanne! Yeah, she's visiting from Hong Kong. Michael: Really? So where do you live? Who are your parents? Ah-Mah: Oh uh, y'know a small place, I live there with my family. I'm the daughter of Ming-Mei and Jin.

    • Ah-Mah: Why did you tell him I was staying over? Now I gotta sleep here! And what kinda name is Roxanne anyway?! Ray Ray: What? It's a tough-girl name, like a trucker! We could call ya Roxie! (Micheal appears out of the doorway) Michael: Hey, I like that. So Roxie, I just put in a call to June and Ray Ray's school, so you go there tomorrow to see how the kids in the states go handle it! (he leaves, June and Ah-Mah give Ray Ray a look) Ray Ray: For five bucks I can get ya out of it. (June punches him)

    • Teacher: Now Roxanne, there's one question I like to ask all my students, what would you like to be when you grow up? Ah-Mah: A size 4! (laughs, June gives her a look, then she gets serious) I guess what I really wanted to do was become an archeologist. Studying different cultures and people from all around the world. Teacher: Well, you've still got time Roxanne. Ah-Mah: It would appear so.

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    Notes (6)

    • Juniper is promoted to Kanji, which means "honored one."

    • Ah-Ma reveals that she knows more than 50 combat styles.

    • Credits: Roger is looking for "Roxanne" and June's mom threatens to activate the sprinklers.

    • June meets the Elders for the first time. One is heard, but they aren't seen.

    • Jody treats Ah-Mah the same as Uncle Eddie.

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    Allusions (2)

    • Scene: Roger in closing credits Roger serenades "Roxie" by holding up a boom box like John Cusack's character does in a scene from the movie Say Anything.

    • The monster in this episode has the same powers as The Absorbing Man, a villain of The Incredible Hulk.

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