The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

Picture Day

Season 2, Ep 4, Aired 1/28/06
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  • Episode Description
  • June and her friends are cloned by an evil demoness who plans to use June's powers to release her father Cordath the Conqueror from the magical banishment.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Candi Milo


  • Carlos Alazraqui


  • Kath Soucie

    Ray Ray

  • Lara Jill Miller

    Juniper Lee

  • Tara Strong


  • Fan Reviews (3)
  • Two Junes in One Episode?!

    By Te_Xuan_Ze_7, Mar 04, 2007

  • June vs. June: the Catfight

    By shengongwu3000, Aug 04, 2006

  • catfight!!! Juniper Kim Lee V.S Evil Juniper Lee

    By warnerbroman, Feb 02, 2006

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  • Quotes (11)

    • June: Uh wait, we have to wait for Ray Ray. Jody: Ray Ray? Ophelia: Who's Ray Ray? Roger: Isn't that the dog? (June looks at them, surprised, then suspcious) Jody: Oh forget it. (freezes June with a spell)

    • June: Don't you think anybody's gonna notice that I'm missing?! Demoness: Missing? You're not missing, you're right here. (holds up a picture of June)

    • Demoness: (disguised as a human photographer) Take of the hat. Roger: I always wear this hat. Teacher: She said take it off! (Roger takes his hat off, revealing an afro) Demoness: Ok, put it back on. Roger: I can't without help.

    • June: Wait, I can't take a picture looking like this! Teacher: Ok then, you'll have to take a retake with honest Abe here. (points at Ray Ray)

    • (Jody tries to cover up June's pimple) Jody: You're not exactly my color. (June's face looks pale) Ophelia: I like it! It's very "Night of the Living Dead".

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    Notes (11)

    • June didn't do anything about the clones.

    • When Ray Ray is seeing TV, the woman body June create in the episode Oh Brother, What Art Thou? appears in the TV.

    • Featured Fight: Juniper Lee vs. Juniper Lee clone

    • When Cordoth's daughter and her sidekick appeared in June's school, the photographer was able to see them. But like was said, only June, Ray Ray, and Ah-Mah are the only humans who can see magic creatures. RE: Maybe they are of the magic creatures how, is revealed in Dog Show Afternoon, normal humans can see

    • Main Villain Bios: Cordoth the Conqueror - A powerful demon who was banished to the Spirit World by magic humans. Cordoth's Daughter - Her real name is unknown, but she is destined to free her father from magical banishment by using the powers of the Te Xuan Ze.

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    Allusions (2)

    • Roger: Can you fly and shoot laser beams? What he said is a reference to The Powerpuff Girls, because they can fly and shoot laser beam from their eyes.

    • Juniper Kim Lee: June's middle name is Kim. This could be an indirect allusion to Kim Possible from Disney.

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