The Little Lulu Show

No Pain, No Gain/On the Job/Tragic Magic

Season 3, Ep 10, Aired 12/28/98
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  • Episode Description
  • No Pain, No Gain: Lulu and the gang play a game of hockey, but when she knocks Tubby out of the way, he twists his ankle. The doctor says everything will be fine, but Lulu still thinks its serious. Tubby fakes, and has Lulu run erands for him by picking up a comicbook from the Westside of town, and picking up a cake, and painting the clubhouse. When she goes back to ask what color, she sneaks a peak into Tubby's room to find hims playing football in his room. Lulu show him, by painting the clubhouse pink with flowers. On the Job: It's career day in Lulu's class, and each kids picks a career from a hat, and will spend the next day with the workers of that job. Lulu has the job of a junior reporter, and gets paired with a confused reporter, who spends his whole day timing the parking meters to see if they give a full 30 minutes for a quarter. Tubby is a junior fireman, but causes trouble after breaking ladders, breaking axes, not picking up a dummy right, and getting stuck going down the pole. When they go to save a cat from a tree, Lulu gets the scoop. When Tubby turns on the hose, water squirts everywhere, and knocks the cat out of the tree, but Lulu catches it in her cat. Lulu is put in the paper as a hero, while Tubby is a 0. Tragic Magic: Tubby is now a magician, and tries out a new trick by making Gloria, his lovely assistant disappear. But when it fails, Gloria quits, and Tubby bribes Lulu into being his new lovely assistant with pizza and milkshakes. Lulu takes Tubby to a magic store for new tricks. 2 hours later, Lulu and Tubby are on stage before a live audience, but Tubby's tricks fail when he pulls everyday objects out of his hat, instead of a bunny, and dropping Lulu when he tries to make her float. For his final trick, he needs someone with a $5 bill. Butch of the Westside boys helps, but when Tubby's trick to bring the ripped bill back together again, Tubby finds himself at the mercy of the Westside Boys. Lulu helps him by disappearing in a cloud of smoke.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Vanessa Lengies

    Annie Inch

  • Michael Yarmush

    Butch the Westside Boy

  • Ricky Mabe

    Willie Wilkins

  • Bruce Dinsmore

    Tubby Tompkins/Slug the Westside Boy

  • Justin Bradley

    Eddie Simson/Spike the Westside Boy

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  • Trivia (1)

    • During the hockey game, Willie's pants turn green for a scene.

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