The Little Lulu Show

The Beast in the Clubhouse/Gone Fishin'/Out, Out! Darned Spot!

Season 3, Ep 4, Aired 12/28/98
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  • Episode Description
  • The Beast in the Clubhouse: Tubby and the fellers are locked out of their clubhouse, because a crazed bird has taken over. Lulu invites them to have their meeting at her house. They make themselves at home and eats Mrs. Moppet's finger sandwiches for her girlfriends. Lulu and Annie watch the bird as it chases down Tubby and the fellers. It turns out that the reason the bird was attacking them is because it was using the threads from their clothes to make it's nest. The reason why it wants their threads is because they always spill food on their shirts. Gone Fishin': After a day of fishing, Lulu has a dream that she has been caught by a Fish/Man that looks somewhat like Tubby. His plans is a to have little girl for dinner. Lulu is put in a large kid-sized frying pan, but when the fish/man runs out of fire-wood, he goes out to get some more. Lulu escapes, but not before free all the other hostages. While swimming away, Lulu finds a giant wooden figure-head of her. With the help of a sword-fish, the fish/man dines on a wooden statue. Afterwards, he has a stomach ache. Lulu wakes up to get some medicine, only to have her mother tell her it was just a dream. Lulu goes back to bed, but the fish/man is still suffering in real life. Out, Out! Darned Spot! Mr. Moppet tries to paint his "masterpiece", but is stopped by Mrs. Moppet, who wants him to clean up the mess he made. As usual, he bribes Lulu and Tubby to do the cleanup for him, so they do. Tubby decides to take the tube of blue paint, and tell Iggie it's a new flavor of toothpaste. Lulu and Tubby get into a tug of war, and spill the paint on the carpet. Tubby then wips up his own formula of spot remover, only to find it makes an even worse stain. Mrs. Moppet comes home and sees Lulu and Tubby tring to clean up the spot, but Mr. Moppet comes in and takes the blame for them, and reminded Mrs. Moppet that she was wanting a new carpet anyway, so they go out for a new carpet.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Vanessa Lengies

    Annie Inch

  • Michael Yarmush

    Butch the Westside Boy

  • Ricky Mabe

    Willie Wilkins

  • Bruce Dinsmore

    Tubby Tompkins/Slug the Westside Boy

  • Justin Bradley

    Eddie Simson/Spike the Westside Boy

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