The Looney Tunes Show

Itsy Bitsy Gopher

Season 2, Ep 3, Aired 10/16/12
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  • Daffy and Lola begin the investigation to learn the whereabouts of Tosh Gopher when Mac becomes very worried about his identical best friend. Meanwhile, Bugs must figure outa way to get rid of the African Sand Spider in his house.

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    • Merrie Melodies: "Moostache" by Yosemite Sam's Moustache

    • Outro: Lola appears behind the WB shield-shaped doorway only to toss the lamp at the camera assuming that she saw a spider and apologized for breaking it.

    Allusions (1)

    • Episode Title: Itsy Bitsy Gopher

      It is a parody of the children's song, Itsy Bitsy Spider.

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    • DBTrilogy100 Oct 17, 2012

      Daffy and Lola teamup in tonight's episode of The Looney Tunes Show!

      *Bugs and Daffy's scrabble game at the beginning was good for a chuckle or two.

      *I don't know why, but Daffy being afraid of spiders feels appropriate, though I'm surprised he's reluctant about killing it.

      *Lola shows up for her date with Bugs (8 hours early, apparently) and adds more discomfort to the spider situation by telling a rather squicky story about a spider, making Daffy even more frantic and Bugs starts to get nervous!

      *Getting scared by her own story, Lola uses the vase she just broke as an excuse to leave and get a new one. Daffy joins her as an opportunity to escape the spider, leaving a now paranoid Bugs to deal with it by himself...

      *Appropriately enough, Daffy and Lola head to the Gophers' antique show...but soon learn from a hysteric Mac that Tosh is missing! I can't remember if this is first time we've actually heard the gopher's names on screen in this series or not. On another note, I admit that, for the longest time, I was under the impression that the Gophers were brothers.

      *Deciding that it will kill time regarding Bugs' attempts to get rid of the spider, Daffy and Lola decide to help Mac out by looking for Tosh. I did get a laugh out Mac confusing the pictures of himself for pictures of Tosh. Figures those two would leave with the lamp while Mac is having a panic attack.

      *Lola calls Bugs to let him know that she and Daffy are going to be running late and that they picked up a new lamp. I did get a chuckle out of Lola mistaking Bugs' terrified scream of the spider for the description of the vase.

      *The amateur detective duo head to Tina's place of work to make some flyers of the missing gopher. Lola telling Tina not to worry about her and Daffy's team up wouldn't lead to romance, only for Tina to dryly reply that she wasn't worried was priceless.

      *Back at the house, Bugs uses the Internet to look up what kind of spider he's dealing with. Apparently, it's an "African Sand Spider" and it's a very poisonous one! Sort of reminds me of when Bugs looked up information on Taz back in the classic shorts. Looks like something is crawling up Bugs...

      *It's revealed to really be Porky with new driving gloves! I figured it wasn't the spider, but I didn't see Porky's arrival coming, I admit.

      *Uh Bugs, I think it makes more sense for the taller person to hold the other on their shoulders. Yep, there you go.

      *I figured Lola and Daffy weren't going to accurately draw Tosh on the flyer, but I didn't think they were going to draw Speedy instead.

      *On their way to drop the flyer off at a metal mail box, the duo soon wonder if Tosh is trapped in there and Lola goes in to check, soon convincing Daffy to join. Uh Daffy, don't tell me you forgot your lesson about looking at other's mail back in

      *Running out of options, Bugs decides to sick Taz on the spider...but even the "Terror From Down Under" is afraid of the arachnid! Porky also decides to run off, claiming he'll just come back for his driving gloves later.

      *At Lola's apartment, she and Daffy recap their (offscreen) consequences for going through other's mail and remember their quest to find Tosh. Lola's suggested course of action is...a cookie brake!

      *We find out that Bugs called an exterminator to kill the Spider...and even gave him Porky's driving gloves! The exterminator released a toxic gas that will last for 24 hours.

      *Not long after the exterminator leaves, Gossamer sadly walks by asking Bugs if he's seeing his pet spider...which looks like the African Sand Spider, but is completely harmless! Gotta admit, I didn't think of the possibility of it being Gossamer's pet!

      *Bugs' rescue mission of the spider was a Crowning Moment of Awesome!

      *Bugs' presents the spider to its owner...but Gossamer reveals that that spider isn't his...and his real one is walking in the grass nearby! Gotta admit, that fake out caught me by surprise!

      *After the cookie brake, Daffy and Lola admit to each other that they have lost the motivation to keep going. But they have an idea around it...

      *The duo return to Mac claiming to have found Tosh...but only have a "real" gopher. Naturally, Mac isn't fooled.

      *Tosh soon arrives, perfectly fine! He reveals that he just took an hour long walk in the park and left a note on the notepad...the one Daffy took for the "investigation", which Daffy now notices! I think it's safe to say most of us figured Tosh was not truly lost and that it was just a misunderstanding.

      *Dr. Weisberg patches up Bugs' bitten hand and tells him how lucky he is that his hand didn't have to be amputated, all while asking him why he was handling such a dangerous bug in the first place.

      *Bugs meets up with the duo and Speedy's Pizzeria where they put each other up to speed as to what is going on. Bugs soon questions where Speedy is...

      *We immediately get our answer when Yosemite Sam brings him to the Gophers, having got a hold of Daffy and Lola's flyer! Quite the clever "Chekhov's Gun"!

      *Yosemite Sam (or rather, his mustache)'s music video was weird and funny at the same time!

      *Bugs ends up liking the new vase Lola got him...only for Lola to show up and smash it...because she thought the design clashed with the rest of the room!

      Another great episode! This is probably my favorite episode of Season 2 thus far! I enjoyed both the "A Story" with Daffy & Lola and the "B Story" with Bugs dealing with the spider! Looking forward to next week's episode!