Newspaper Thief

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Quotes (3)

  • Sam: What do you want, rabbit?
    Bugs: Just wanting to remind you about tonight's dinner party.
    Sam: You mean the "let's all forget about the horrible things Daffy Duck has done party"? Yeah, I'll be there... Unless I get a better offer.
    Daffy: I've got an offer for you. Gimme back my paper!
    Sam: Yosemite Sam is a lot of things; a liar, a cheater, a false witness, a sore loser, a bad friend, a shaded businessman, a blamer, a flimflamer, a hornswaggler, I'm cheap and I steal things, but I am no thief!

  • Granny: Is this the bathroom?
    Daffy: (offscreen) NO! GO HOME!

  • Singer: Oh there's a rumble in the backyard
    It's a shakin' twistin' cloud
    Seems someone's pet is getting way upset
    Something awful loud
    He just swallowed up his doghouse
    Knocked a barbecue into space
    Then he sucked up Bugs' swimming pool
    Spit out a tidal wave
    Tasmanian Meltdown comin'
    There's a meltdown comin'
    Well, you better start a-runnin'
    When the ground starts hummin'
    There's a meltdown comin'
    I don't know what sets him off
    Taz: I don't know.
    Singer: Is he upset about a girl?
    Taz: No!
    Singer: It's anyone's guess
    'Cause he's not the best
    Communicator in the world
    Taz: Don't judge me.
    Singer: We'd love to get him to settle down
    But he just scratched through the wall
    He got the police chasing after him
    'Cause he's headed for the mall
    Tasmanian Meltdown comin'
    Like a hurricane comin'
    (Taz melodically-shouting indistinctly)

Notes (5)

  • Running Gag: Whenever Bugs mentions his "carrot pie", others ask if he means "carrot cake".

  • This episode was available on iTunes 17 days before it aired on television.

  • Granny takes Porky's place after the end credits trying to find the bathroom and Daffy hollered "GO HOME!"

  • Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote: Gone in 60 Parsecs

  • Merrie Melodies: Tasmanian Meltdown by Damon Jones featuring Tasmanian Devil